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Closing Force; Emergency Rescue; Pushing; Light Barrier - Siemens AT18 Operating Instructions Manual

Comfort lift door drive.
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Operating Manual - Elevator Door Operation AT18

6.9 Closing force

The closing force can be set for motor  (4V/1.8A, up to 10 kg door weight) at between 70 and
10N, or for motor 3 (30V/4A, up to 180 kg door weight) at between 70 and 30 N. At exceeding
of 150N a warning message appears on the LCD display of the terminal module (option). The values
mentioned refers to one-sided opening doors: a load cell will display only half the value at doors
opening in the middle.
At the setting of the closing force it is imperative that a possibly effective closing weight is taken
into account. Per 1kg counterweight the closing force must be reduced by 10N.
This concerns the:
Closing weight = 4 kg
Desired static force margin "CLOSE" = 150 N
The counterweight of 4 kg represents a force of 40 N. The force margin to be set must then amount
to 150N – 40 N = 110 N.
The factory setting is designed in such a way that a counterweight of 3 kg for motor  (4V/1.8A),
or 6kg for motor 3 (30V/4A), was taken into account. That means that the resulting static closing
force is limited to 10 N, or 90 N.

6.10 Emergency rescue

An emergency rescue can only be effected if:
- neither a "DOOR OPEN" nor a "DOOR CLOSED" instruction is in queue
- he service button has not been pushed
- the user terminal or AT Frontend PC does not show the menu item quick
adjustment or overall adjustment (including sub-menus).
- the door has come to a standstill
Only in these cases the door actuator is torque-free. The necessary force to open
the door according to TRA and EN81 stipulations lies below 300N.
6.11 Nudge
Reversing does not take place in the operating status "NUDGE". The "DOOR CLOSE" and "NUDGE"
instructions must be in queue at the same time. At the recognition of an obstacle the torque is
taken back to 1 second on the marginal keeping shut torque of the motor.

6.12 Light barrier

The input for the light barrier signal has the same function as the "DOOR OPEN" instruction.
Exception: if the door is opened at less than 1 cm, the light barrier signal is ignored.
If no power is available at the light barrier input, this is interpreted as an interruption of the light
The door can then not close.
At an interrupted light barrier the door opens. If a "DOOR CLOSE" instruction is in queue at the same
time, the door only moves in the "OPEN" direction for as long as the light beam is interrupted.
Closing force "CLOSE"
Closing force "Cutter distance CLOSE"
Nudge force "CLOSE"


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