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English - Bosch 1 270 020 500 Original Instructions Manual

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Safety Notes
Read all safety warnings and all
instructions. Failure to follow the
warnings and instructions may
result in electric shock, fire and/or
serious injury.
Save all safety warnings and instructions for
future reference.
The term "battery" used in these operating in-
structions refers both to standard batteries
(batteries with holder on the bike frame) and to
rear rack batteries (batteries with holder under
the rear rack), except when explicitly referring
to the design type.
Remove the battery from the eBike before
working on the eBike (e.g., assembling,
maintenance, etc.), transporting it via car
or plane or storing it. Danger of injury when
accidentally actuating the On/Off switch.
Do not open the battery. Danger of short-
circuiting. When the battery has been
opened, any and all warranty claims through
Bosch shall be invalid.
Protect the battery against heat (e.g.,
also against continuous intense sun-
light), fire and immersing into water.
Danger of explosion.
Keep the battery when not being used away
from paper clips, coins, keys, nails, screws
or other small metal objects, that can make
a connection from one contact to another.
Shorting the battery contacts may cause
burns or a fire. For short-circuiting damage
caused in this manner, any and all warranty
claims through Bosch shall be invalid.
Under abusive conditions, liquid may be
ejected from the battery. Avoid contact. If
contact accidentally occurs, flush with
water. If liquid contacts eyes, additionally
seek medical help. Liquid ejected from the
battery may cause skin irritations or burns.
Vapours can escape in case of damage and
improper use of the battery. Provide for
fresh air and seek medical attention in case
of complaints. The vapours can irritate the
respiratory system.
0 275 007 40X | (17.1.11)
Charge the battery only with chargers rec-
ommended by the manufacturer. A charger
that is suitable for one type of batteries may
create a risk of fire when used with other bat-
Use the battery only in conjunction with
eBikes as recommended by the manufac-
turer. This is the only way to protect the
battery against dangerous overload.
Use only original Bosch batteries approved
for your eBike by the manufacturer. Using
other batteries can lead to injuries and pose
a fire hazard. When using other batteries,
Bosch shall not assume any liability and
Please read and observe the safety warn-
ings and instructions enclosed in the oper-
ating instructions of the charger and drive
unit/drive HMI (Human Machine Interface),
as well as in the operating instructions of
your eBike.
Product Description and
Product Features
The numbering of the product features refers to
the illustrations on the graphics pages.
All representations of bike components, with
exception of the batteries and their holders, are
schematic and can deviate from your eBike.
1 Holder of the rear rack battery
2 Rear rack battery
3 Operation and charge-control indicator
4 On/Off button
5 Key of the battery lock
6 Battery lock
7 Upper holder of the standard battery
8 Standard battery
9 Bottom holder of the standard battery
10 Carrying strap
11 Battery charger
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