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Set the compression damping force setting to the
softest. Check the piston rod sliding surface for
damage. Apply specified fork oil to the piston rod
sliding surface.
Drain the extra oil from the cylinder unit oil hole.
Blow out the extra oil from the oil hole of the cylin-
der unit with the compressed air blow to the oil
Wipe the oil off completely from the cylinder unit.
If you cannot use compressed air, remove the air
pressure relief screw of the base valve assembly.
Up side down the fork damper for more than 10
minutes and drain the oil from the cylinder unit.
Reinstall and tighten the air pressure relief screw.
Tightening Torque
Air Pressure Relief Screw:
1.3 N·m (0.13 kgf·m, 12 in·lb)
A. Oil Hole
Protect the piston rod end with a heavy cloth to
prevent damage.
Pump the piston rod to full stroke by pushing
down the cylinder unit.
Check the piston rod for smooth operation.
If the piston rod operation is not smooth, check
the piston rod for bend or damage.
Hold the cylinder unit on level ground while piston
rod is full stroked by your hand.
Release the piston rod then check the piston rod
extend to maximum.
If the piston rod does not extend to maximum,
bleed the air in the cylinder unit again.
Be careful not to bend or damage the piston
rod when the piston rod is stroked.


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