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Gasoline is extremely flammable
and can be explosive under cer-
tain conditions, creating the po-
tential for serious burns. Turn
the ignition switch off. Do not
smoke. Make sure the area is
well ventilated and free from any
source of flame or sparks; this
includes any appliance with a pi-
lot light. Never fill the tank com-
pletely to the top. If the tank is
filled completely to the top, heat
may cause the fuel to expand
and overflow through the vents
in the tank cap. After refueling,
make sure the tank cap is closed
securely. If gasoline is spilled on
the fuel tank, wipe it off immedi-
California model only: Never fill
the tank so the fuel level rises
into the filler neck. If the tank is
overfilled, heat may cause the
fuel to expand and flow into the
Evaporative Emission Control
System resulting in hard start-
ing and engine hesitation and
in compliance with the emission
Fuel Requirement
Fuel Type
Use clean, fresh unleaded gasoline
with a minimum Antiknock Index of 90.
The Antiknock Index is posted on ser-
vice station pumps. The octane rating
of a gasoline is a measure of its resis-
tance to detonation or "knocking." The
Antiknock Index is an average of the


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