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HP MSM720 Quick Start Manual page 3

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MSM720 Controllers Quickstart
Installing the controller
The controller can be installed in a rack or cabinet, on a wall, or on a shelf or
tabletop. It is shipped with an accessory kit that includes brackets for
installation in a standard 19-inch telco rack or an equipment cabinet, and
rubber feet for horizontal surface installation.
Rack or cabinet installation
The controller can be mounted in any EIA-standard 19-inch telco rack or
communication equipment cabinet.
Important equipment cabinet note: The four 12-24 screws supplied with the
controller have the correct threading for standard EIA/TIA open 19-inch racks.
If you are installing the controller in an equipment cabinet, use the clips and
screws that came with the cabinet instead of the 12-24 screws that are
supplied with the controller. Before performing the following procedure,
determine which four cabinet holes you will use and install all four clips.
Note: Optional accessories must be mounted at the same time as the
mounting brackets. For more information, see the MSM720 Controllers
Installation Guide.
This procedure assumes a rack installation:
Use the supplied 8-mm M4 screws to attach the mounting brackets to the
Hold the controller with attached brackets up to the rack and move it
vertically until the bracket holes line up with the rack holes, then insert
and tighten four number 12-24 screws to secure the brackets to the rack.
Wall installation
The network ports must be facing up. Do not mount the controller
with ports facing down.
The controller should be mounted on a wall or wood surface that is at least
12.7 mm (0.5 inch) plywood or its equivalent.
Use the supplied 8-mm M4 screws to attach the mounting brackets to the
Use two 15.9 mm (5/8 inch) wood screws (not included) to attach the
controller to the wall.



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