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Making Jam
1 Prepare the ingredients according to the recipe.
2 Put the kneading blade into the bread pan.
3 Place the ingredients into the bread pan in the following order:
half of the fruits → half of the sugar →remainder of fruits → remainder of sugar.
4 Set the bread pan into the main unit, and plug the machine into the socket. (Make sure the start light is off.)
Select menu '32'
Press Timer pad to set the cooking time
Press Start pad to start the machine
l The start light will come on.
Press Stop pad and remove jam
when machine beeps 8 times and the bar at 'End' flashes
l The flashing start light will go off.
n If the cooking is not complete  Repeat steps 1–3
(Additional cooking time can be made up to twice. Each time should be within
10–40 minutes. The timer will start again from 1 minute when the unit is hot.
Increase the time by pressing the timer pad as required.)
Time until the selected program is complete
n To cancel/stop once
(hold for more than
1 second)
l Timer is not available on menu 32.
(The Timer pad only sets the duration of the
cooking time.)
l It is necessary to have an adequate amount of
sugar, acid, and pectin to make firm set jam.
l Depending on the type of pectin, it may be better
to increase or decrease the amount of it.
l Fruits with a high level of pectin set easily. Fruits
with less pectin do not set well.
l Use freshly ripened fruits. Over or under ripe
fruits do not set firmly.
l The recipes in this book make soft set jams. This
is due to lower levels of sugar.
l Follow the recipe for the quantity for each
• Do not increase or decrease the quantities
of fruits. It may cause the jam to boil over or
• Do not increase the quantity of sugar more than
half quantities of fruits.
It may cause the jam to boil over or scorch.
When decrease the quantity of sugar, jam does
not set firm.
* When the acidity of the fruit is strong, you can
decrease quantity of the lemon juice but if it is
decreased too much, jam does not set firm.
l When the cooking time is short, fruit bits can
remain partially and the jam may become watery.
• The jam will continue to set as it cools.
Be careful not to over cook.
l Put the finished jam into the container as soon as
possible. Please take care of the burn when you
take out jam.
l Jam can burn if it is left in the bread pan.
l Store the jam in a cool, dark place. Due to the
lower levels of sugar the shelf life is not as long
as shop bought varieties. Once open, refrigerate
and consume shortly after opening.
Turn to P. 48 for
jam recipes


Table of Contents

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