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Something Not Working - Zanussi FE 827 G User Manual

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Something not working?

Problems which you can resolve yourself, before calling the After Sales Service.
During machine operation it is possible that the END light
4 flashes= the door has not been closed
2 flashes= the machine does not empty
1 flash= the machine does not fill.
Once the problem has been eliminated, press the START/PAUSE button to restart the programme. If after all
checks, the problem persists, contact your local Service Centre.
• The machine does not start up:
• The machine does not fill:
• The machine fills then empties
• The machine does not empty and/or
does not spin:
• There is water on the floor:
• Unsatisfactory washing results:
• The machine vibrates or is noisy:
starts to flash:
Possible cause
• The door is not firmly closed.
• The machine is not plugged in or there is no power
at the socket.
• The main fuse has blown.
• The programme selector dial is not positioned
correctly and the START/PAUSE button has not
been depressed.
• The water tap is closed.
• The inlet hose is squashed or kinked.
• The filter in the inlet hose is blocked.
• The door is not properly closed.
• The end of the drain hose is too low. Refer to
relevant paragraph in "water drainage" section.
• The drain hose is squashed or kinked.
• A programme which ends with water in tub
) has been selected.
• The option
has been selected.
• The drain pump is clogged.
• Too much detergent or unsuitable detergent
(creates too much foam) has been used.
• Check whether there are any leaks from one of the
inlet hose fittings. It is not always easy to see this
as the water runs down the hose; check to see if it
is damp.
• The drain hose is damaged.
• The cap on the emergency emptying hose has not
been replaced after cleaning the pump.
• Too little or too much detergent has been used.
• An unsuitable detergent has been used.
• Stubborn stains have not been treated prior to
• The correct temperature was not selected.
• Excessive laundry load.
• The transit bolts and packing have not been removed.
• The support feet have not been adjusted.
• The laundry is not evenly distributed in the drum.
• Maybe there is very little laundry in the drum.

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Table of Contents

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