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Attaching Air Supply/Exhaust Pipes; Attaching The Main Unit - Mitsubishi Electric vl-100u5-e Installation Manual

Lossnay ventilator
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Attaching air supply/exhaust pipes

1) Insert the air supply/exhaust pipes, which are
attached to the pipe mounting plates, into the
wall holes.
2) Tape the air supply/exhaust pipes tightly to
the wall as shown below using off-the-shelf
aluminum tape. (If the seal is not tight, the
pipes may shift and the shutter may not
operate properly.)
Exhaust side
Pipe mounting plate
Mount the air
pipes A and pipe
mounting plates
tightly to the wall so
they do not shift.
UNDER mark
(See from front)
Aluminum tape
Apply so that it
does not cover
the pipe opening.
Air supply/
exhaust pipe
Pipe mounting
- Mount the air supply/exhaust pipes A so
that the UNDER marker is at the bottom.
- After mounting the pipes, check that they
slope downward as they go outside.
- When mounting the weather covers, do not
push the air supply/exhaust pipes into the
wall. (The shutter may not operate properly.)

Attaching the main unit

For VL-100U
Air supply side
Aluminum tape
(on both air
supply and
exhaust sides)
Tape with
aluminum tape
to cover prongs
(4 locations).
For VL-100EU
1) Hang the catch holes on the main unit onto
the catches of the mounting plate as shown
below. (Both sides)
2) Press the main unit into the wall and secure
it with the two screws provided. At this time,
firmly press the power cord into the cut-out on
the side of the main unit. (The unit will not sit
snugly if the cord is not seated in the cut-out.)
- Tighten the two screws securely. (The joint
gap could cause the wall to become dirty.)
3) Insert the power plug into a wall outlet.
Catch holes
(on the
left side)
Main unit
Power cord
1) Open the panel. Place your fingers on the
centers of the sides of the unit and pull
forward and up.
When opening and closing the panel, be sure
not to stress the panel attachments.
2) Remove terminal block cover A from the main
unit prongs.
3) Remove the screw, and then remove terminal
block cover B.
Main unit
Catch hole
Terminal block
cover A (plastic)
block cover B
Prong area
on main unit


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