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Checks After Mounting; Test Run - Mitsubishi Electric vl-100u5-e Installation Manual

Lossnay ventilator
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Checks after mounting
■ After mounting is complete, check the checklist items before doing a test run.
■ Be sure to correct any problems discovered.(Failure to do so will not only prevent features from
operating, it will also imperil your safety.)
■ Checklist
Is the main unit mounting strong
Is the main unit attached securely?
Is the panel securely closed?
Did you caulk? (The air supply/
exhaust pipe should be caulked
outside, as should the outdoor hood.)
Are you using the rated voltage?
Are switch operations consistent with
Lossnay operations?
Do you hear the blades hitting
Does the unit make any unusual
sounds when starting or stopping?
Does the shutter work smoothly?

Test run

■ Do the test run with the customer present, if at all possible.
1. Turn the power on.
1) Turn the circuit breaker on at the distribution board.
2) Insert the power plug into the wall outlet. (VL-100U
2. Check the operating modes.
Consult the Operating Instructions for operating instructions.
Slide the shutter knob to the open position.
3. Check that there is no abnormal vibration or noise. After confirming this, stop the unit.
1) When stopped, move the shutter to the closed position. (This ensures that no dust will get into the
unit prior to its use by the customer.)
2) Remove the power plug from the wall outlet. (VL-100U
3) Turn the circuit breaker off at the distribution board.
To be explained to the customer
- Show the customer the location of the distribution board circuit breaker and the electrical outlet
or wall switch.
- Tell the customer the results of the checklist.
- Give the customer the "Installation Manual", as well as the separate "Operating Instructions".
- If the customer is not present, explain these items to the ordering party (such as the owner) or
Check items
-E only)
Remedy for problem
Reinforce it.
Tighten the mounting screws.
Close the panel.
(Failure to caulk will allow rainwater
Apply the rated voltage. (Using other
voltages will damage the unit.)
The wiring is incorrect.
Re-do the wiring according to the
connection diagram.
Open the panel, remove the air filter, and
take out any debris (only in the areas you
can see).
Attach tightly to the wall so the air supply/
exhaust pipes and pipe mounting plates do
not shift.
-E only)
-E only)


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