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Storing Your Honda; Preparation For Storage; Removal From Storage - Honda CRF450R Owner's Manual

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Storing Your Honda

If you won't be riding for an extended period, such
as during the winter, thoroughly inspect your CRF
and correct any problem before storing it. That
way, needed repairs won't be forgotten and it will
be easier to get your CRF running again.
To reduce or prevent deterioration that can occur
during storage, also follow the following

Preparation for Storage

1. Completely clean all parts of your CRF. If your
CRF has been exposed to sea air or salt water,
wash it down with fresh water and wipe dry.
2. Change the engine oil and filter (page 49).
3. Change the transmission oil (page 52).
4. Remove the radiator cap and coolant drain bolt
and sealing washer (1) at the water pump cover
(2) to drain coolant.
After the coolant has been completely drained,
reinstall the drain bolt with a new sealing
washer and radiator cap.
Tighten the drain bolt to the specified torque:
7 lbf·ft (10 N·m, 1.0 kgf·m)
(1) coolant drain bolt and sealing washer
(2) water pump cover
5. Lubricate the drive chain.
6. Relieve the fuel pressure (page 40) and drain
the fuel from the fuel tank into an approved
gasoline container.
7. Inflate the tires to their recommended
8. Place your CRF on an optional workstand or
equivalent to raise both tires off the ground.
9. Stuff a rag into the muffler outlet. Then tie a
plastic bag over the end of the muffler to
prevent moisture from entering.
10. Store your CRF in an unheated area, free of
dampness, away from sunlight, with a
minimum of daily temperature variation.
11. Cover your CRF with a porous material.
Avoid using plastic or similar non-breathing,
coated materials that restrict air flow and allow
heat and moisture to accumulate.
Storing Your Honda

Removal from Storage

1. Uncover and clean your CRF.
Change the engine and transmission oil if more
than 4 months have passed since the start of
2. Uncover the end of the muffler and remove the
rag from the muffler outlet.
3. Fill the fuel tank with the recommended fuel
(page 39) and increase the fuel pressure
(page 47).
4. Pour a fresh recommended coolant mixture
slowly into the radiator fill hole up to the filler
neck (page 53).
1.08 US qt (1.02 ℓ)
after disassembly
0.99 US qt (0.94 ℓ)
after draining
Lean your CRF slightly right and left several
times to bleed trapped air in the cooling
If the coolant level lowers, add coolant and
repeat the above procedure.
Install the radiator cap securely.
5. Perform all maintenance checks (page 13).


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