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Various settings have been completely made at the factory or by your distributor before shipment, including
the origin position setting. If the operating conditions are changed and the robot needs to be set again, then
follow the procedures described in this chapter.
The following describes the safety precautions to be observed when making various settings.
• read and understand the contents of this chapter completely before attempting to set the robot.
• Place a conspicuous sign indicating the robot is being adjusted, to prevent others from touching the controller
switch, programming box or operation panel.
• if a safety enclosure has not yet been provided right after installation of the robot, rope off or chain off the
movement area around the manipulator in place of a safety enclosure, and observe the following points.
1. Use stable posts which will not fall over easily.
2. The rope or chain should be easily visible by everyone around the robot.
3. Place a conspicuous sign prohibiting the operator or other personnel from entering the movement area of
the manipulator.
• to check the operation after the settings have been made, refer to the section "4.5.1 trial operation" in chapter
"Safety Instructions" of this manual.
This Chapter describes only the points that are different from the standard models.
For details about other explanations, see the Installation Manual for YK-XG series standard models.



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