Kenwood SD100 series Instructions Manual page 2

Type sd10
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Read these instructions carefully and retain
for future reference.
Remove all packaging and any labels.
Never touch the mixing shaft whilst the
appliance is plugged in.
Keep fingers, hair, clothing and utensils away
from moving parts.
lways unplug:
before fitting or removing parts
after use.
before cleaning
Never mix hot ingredients.
Never use a damaged appliance. Get it
checked or repaired: see 'service'.
Never put the appliance in water or let the
cord or plug get wet - you could get an
electric shock.
Never let the cord touch hot surfaces or
hang down where a child could grab it.
Never add ingredients to the beaker whilst
the appliance is operating.
Only use the appliance with the beaker
Make sure the beaker is located correctly
before switching on the appliance.
This appliance shall not be used by children.
Keep the appliance and its cord out of reach
of children.
Misuse of your appliance can result in injury.



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