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Siemens SL22 Operating Instructions Manual Page 19

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rinsing the iron steam
Caution! risk of burns!
This procedure helps to remove scale particles
out of the steam chamber.
This cleaning procedure may be performed
occasionally (approximately once a year), when
after a long period of use with very hard water,
scale particles start to come out of the soleplate.
a) Ensure that the iron is cooled down.
b) Set the temperature selector (16) of the iron to
the "min" position.
c) Fill the tank with tap water.
d) Plug in the mains cable and set the main
power switch (13) to the "I" position.
e) Wait until the "steam ready" indicator lamp (9)
lights up.
f) If the steam station has steam regulator (11*),
set it to the maximum position
g) Hold the iron over the sink or a container to
collect the water.
h) Press the steam release button (17) and gently
shake the iron. Boiling water and steam will
come out, carrying scale and or deposits that
might be there. This could take approximately
5 minutes.
i) Set the temperature selector (16) of the iron to
the "max" position, without pressing the steam
release button (17). The water in the steam
chamber will start evaporating. Wait until all the
water inside the chamber has been
j) To clean the soleplate, immediately rub off any
residue by running the hot iron over dry cotton
Cleaning &
attention! risk of burns!
always unplug the appliance from the mains
supply before carrying out any cleaning or
maintenance operation on it.
1. After ironing, pull out the plug and allow the
appliance to cool down before cleaning.
2. Wipe the housing, handle and iron body with a
damp cotton cloth.
3. If the soleplate is soiled with dirt or scale, clean
it with a damp cotton cloth.
4. If the cloth is synthetic, it may melt due to the
high temperature on the soleplate (20). Switch
off the steam and rub off any residue
immediately with a thickly folded, dry cotton
5. Never use abrasive products or solvents. To
keep the soleplate (20) smooth, you should
avoid hard contact with metal objects. Never
use a scouring pad, or chemicals to clean the
Storing the appliance
1. Always allow the appliance to cool down
before storing it.
2. Set the main power button to the "0" position
(the red light will go off) and disconnect the
mains cable.
3. Empty the water tank.
4. Place the iron on the iron pad (2), standing on
the soleplate, and fix it by inserting the tip of
the iron into the front slot and moving the lock
lever (14) against the heel of the iron.
5. Store the mains cable in the storage
compartment (5) and the steam hose in the
storage fixing (3). Do not wrap the cords too
6. Use the iron´s handle when moving the
appliance, as shown in figure G.


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