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Siemens SL22 Operating Instructions Manual Page 18

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auto shut-off
(model dependent)
If during ironing, the steam release button
(17-18*) on the iron handle is not pressed for a
certain length of time (8 minutes), the steam
station will automatically switch off.
The "auto shut-off" pilot lamp (9) will flash when
auto shut-off has been activated.
To switch the steam station back on, press the
steam release button again.
Fabric protection
soleplate cover
(model dependent)
The fabric-protection soleplate cover (21*) is
used for steam-ironing delicate garments at
maximum temperature without damaging them.
Use of the soleplate cover also does away with
the need for a cloth to prevent shine on dark
It is advisable to first iron a small section on the
inside of the garment to see if it is suitable.
To attach the soleplate cover to the iron, place
the tip of the iron into the end of the soleplate
cover and pull the elastic strap over the lower
rear of the iron until it fits tightly. To release the
soleplate cover, pull the elastic strap and remove
the iron.
The fabric-protection soleplate cover may be
purchased from our customer service or from our
Accessory code
Name of accessory
(Online shop)
calc'nClean plus
Cleaning the Boiler
To extend the life of your steam generator and to
prevent any build up of scale, it is essential that
you rinse out the filter (4) and the boiler after
several hours of use. If the water is hard,
increase the frequency.
Do not use descaling agents for rinsing out the
boiler, as they could damage it.
automatic clean warning
Pilot light (12*) will flash indicating that boiler
must be rinsed.
1. Check carefully that the appliance is cold and
unplugged for more than 2 hours, and that the
water tank (1) is empty.
2. Fix the iron to the stand by inserting the tip of
the iron into the front slot and moving the
fixation lever (14) against the heel of the iron.
3. Place your appliance over a sink or bucket.
4. Lean the appliance on the opposite side of the
filter opening.
5. Unscrew the filter (4) and take it out.
6. (model dependent)
To wash the filter, you may:
a. Place the filter under the water tap and wash
it up until calc residues are removed. Squeeze
the filter as indicated in the picture E.
b. Immerse the filter in tap water (250 ml) mixed
with a measure (25 ml) of descaling fluid.
The descaling fluid can be obtained from our
After-sales service or from our website.
Accessory code
7. Holding your steam generator in the lateral
position and using a jug, fill the boiler with 1/4
litre of water and replace the filter.
8. Shake the base unit for a few moments,
unscrew the filter again and empty the boiler
completely over a sink or bucket.
For best results, we recommend that this
operation is performed twice.
Important: before re-closing, make sure no
water remains in the boiler.
9. Replace and tighten up the filter.
To reset the "Calc'n'Clean" counter, switch
the steam station off twice, keeping it off for
at least 30 seconds each time.
(on → 30s off → on → 30s off → on)
Name of accessory
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