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RCA CH4501 PKG Instruction Manual page 3

Handheld radio battery chargers
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These chargers consist of a main charging station and power
supply. The charging stations can accommodate either a
radio with an attached battery or a battery alone. In multi-
unit chargers, batteries can be charged simultaneously in any
charger pocket.
» Single, Dual and Six Bank 120V AC chargers and Single
Unit vehicle 12V charger for RCA Portable Radios
» Rapid charge - Charge times between 1 and 3 hours
» Short circuit and temperature protection
» Desktop design on 120V AC chargers
1. To ensure proper and reliable operation, please place the
chargers on a flat and stable surface.
2. Charge only approved rechargeable Li-ion batteries for
RCA Portable Radios. Unapproved batteries may fail or
rupture, possibly causing personal injury and/or damage.
3. Use of unauthorized accessories may result in risk of fire,
electric shock or personal injury.
4. Pull the plug rather than the cord when disconnecting the
chargers in order to prevent damaging the plug and cord.
5. Do not use the charger if it has been broken or damaged,
as it may cause fire or personal injury.
6. Do not connect any metal or electrically conductive
materials to the contacts in the charging holders; this may
cause electric shock, personal injury or damage.
Do not, under any circumstances, disassemble the chargers
or attempt to replace any components. Disassembling the
charger may result in damage to the charger and may
cause risk of further damage, electric shock or fire. Charger
warranty is void if the charger has been disassembled by
unauthorized personnel.
8. To reduce the risk of damage or electric shock, disconnect
the charger from the power source before attempting any
maintenance or cleaning.
RCA P25 Handheld Radio Battery Chargers
1. This charger is not suitable for outdoor use. Use only in
2. Connect the equipment only to an approved power supply
3. The receptacle to which this charger is connected should
4. When using a charger, the ambient temperature around
5. If the battery has not been used for long period of time,
6. Output voltage from the power supply must not exceed
8. Battery life will be reduced if the radio is on when placed
9. Batteries should not be left in a charger for prolonged
10. When not in use, disconnect the charger's power supply
Battery charger requires an RCA DC power supply. The
charger is only warranted when used together with RCA
power supplies. Unexpected behavior may result if non-RCA
power supplies are used with this product.
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dry, clean conditions.
of the correct voltage (as specified below).
be close and easily accessible.
the power supply equipment must not be above 104°F
(40°C) or below 23°F (–5°C). Chargers are designed to
charge only within the listed temperature range. (Battery
capacity will decrease under extreme temperatures.)
charging will be required to restore the battery to its
original capacity.
the charger voltage rating.
Make sure the power supply cable is located where it will
not be stepped on, tripped over, or subjected to water,
damage, or mechanical stress.
in the charger.
periods, i.e. 3 day weekend, as this will reduce the life of
the battery.
cord from the electrical receptacle.



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