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Manual - 12 pages
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The charger automatically
shuts off if the ambient
temperature becomes too
high. As a consequence the
charger will be inoperable.
The charging base must be
disconnected from the mains
supply and taken to an
authorised service centre for
The charging base is intended
for indoor use only.
1. Dust collector extension
2. Dust collector
3. Release button
4. On/Off switch (two-speed
switch DV9605)
5. Charging indicator
6. Filter cleaning button (DV1205 &
7. Charging base
Fig. A
8. Crevice tool
9. Brush tool
Identifying your product
The model design can be determined from
the suffix codes used in the catalogue
number. The following catalogue
numbers are described in this manual:
The suffix code XX corresponds to the
following designs:
05: All units, supplied with a small
crevice tool and a brush tool.
The suffix code Y is used to identify the
range of colour/finish options.
The suffix code Y represented by the
letter N is used for models fitted with a
NiMH battery.
Fitting the charging base to the wall
The charging base can be placed on a
work top or fitted to the wall to provide a
convenient storage and charging point for
the appliance.
When fixing to a wall, make sure that the
fixing method is suitable for the wall type
and is appropriate to the weight of the
Fitting the accessories (fig. A & B)
These models are supplied with some or
all of the following accessories:
A crevice tool (8) for confined spaces.
A brush tool (9) for furniture and stairs.
To fit an accessory, proceed as follows:
Take the accessories from its storage
position on the appliance or charging
base (7) (fig. L & M).
Insert the appropriate accessory into
the front of the appliance.
Before first use, the battery must be
charged for at least 16 hours.
Place the appliance on the charging
base whenever it is not in use.
Charging the battery (fig. C)
Before charging the battery:
Make sure that the dust collector
extension (1) is pushed back into the
dust collector (2).
Make sure that the appliance is
switched off. The battery will not be
charged with the on/off switch (4) in
the on position.
Place the appliance on the charging
base (7) as shown.
Plug in the charger. Switch on at the
The charging indicator (5) will be lit.
Leave the appliance to charge for at
least 16 hours.
While charging, the charger may become
warm. This is normal and does not
indicate a problem. The appliance can be
left connected to the charger indefinitely.
The charging indicator (5) will be lit as
long as the appliance is connected to the
plugged-in charger.
Warning! Do not charge the battery at
ambient temperatures below 4 °C or
above 40 °C.

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