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Training Menu - Pioneer SGY-PM90 Quick Manual

Power meter
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Training Menu

• The SGX-CA500 Training Menu has 3 Powerful Training Tools
Training Assist – Beginner to Advanced Cyclist
A free interactive self coaching tool found on the Cyclo-Sphere Mobile Viewer – Not
available on the PC site
Training Assist has 28 unique training modules for riders of all skill levels and experience
Training Assist was designed to help riders best utilize cycling technology on the bike
from heart rate, speed and cadence sensors, to power meters and Pioneer exclusive
Pedaling Monitor Technology.
Riders 3 month power data is auto loaded to the SGX-CA500 via Cyclo-Sphere for clearly
defined benchmarks and target goals
New power achievements are auto uploaded back to Cyclo-Sphere
After Ride Results offers charts, graphs and troubleshooting
See Slide 11 for Training Assist Process
Interval Timer – Intermediate to Advanced Cyclist
SGX-CA500 only, no mobile device required.
Create custom Interval Programs
Includes Duration, Warm-Up, Power Target, Power Escalation, Set Count
Create, Save and Edit
Easily Select an Interval Training Program while on the road
Threshold Training – Intermediate to Advanced Cyclist
SGX-CA500 only, no mobile device required
Utilizes last 3 month power data from Cyclo-Sphere to provide easy on the road
"Challenges" of maximum time intervals for 1, 3, 5, 10, and 20 min. MMP (Mean
Maximum Power) records as well as 20 and 60 minute FTP Tests
Uploads achievements over 100% as new benchmarks to Cyclo-Sphere
Auto configures Targets for each Time Segment
Includes warm-up and cool down.
Auto logs finished Challenges as Laps for easy post ride analysis
Mobile Viewer
Training Assist
Interval Timer
Threshold Training


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