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Temperature Setting; Frostmatic Function; High Temperature Alarm - AEG SCT71906S0 User Manual

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When the setting is changed
the compressor does not
start immediately if
automatic defrosting is
currently taking place. As the
storage temperature in the
fridge is reached quickly
store food immediately after
switching on.
3.5 Temperature indicators
The temperature indicators show several
• During normal operating the
temperature set for fridge and freezer
are displayed;
• During adjusting temperature flashing
display indicates the fridge or freezer
current set.

3.6 Temperature setting

The temperature is adjusted using the
temperature setting buttons. These
buttons are connected to the
temperature indicator.
Press on of the two temperature setting
buttons is to adjust the temperature 1°C
The set temperature will be reached
within 24 hours.

3.7 High temperature alarm

Temperature increase in the freezer
compartment (for example due to an
earlier power failure or door is open) is
indicated by:
• alarm light flashing;
• sounding of a buzzer.
1. Switch off the buzzer by pressing the
alarm reset button. Alarm indicator
light will flash.
2. Press alarm reset button.
The alarm indicator light is off at the
same time freezer temperature
indicator is shown for 5 seconds the
warmest temperature reached in the
freezer compartment.
When normal conditions are
restored, the alarm stop
flashing and the buzzer turn
off automatically.
3.8 COOLMATIC function
The COOLMATIC function is suitable for
quick cooling of large quantities of
goods in the refrigerator.
To activate the function:
• Press the fridge temperature - button
(several times if necessary) until the
word SC appears in the display.
A temperature of +2°C is
automatically selected.
To deactivate the function:
• Press the fridge temperature +
button .
The COOLMATIC function
stops automatically after
about 6 hours.
If the COOLMATIC function is switched
on the temperature setting may not be

3.9 FROSTMATIC function

The FROSTMATIC function accelerates
the freezing of fresh food and, at the
same time, protects foodstuffs already
stored from undesirable warming.
To switch on the fuction:
• Press the FROSTMATIC button.
The FROSTMATIC indicator will light
To switch off the function before its
automatic end, repeat the steps until
FROSTMATIC indicator goes off.
The FROSTMATIC function
stops automatically after
about 52 hours.
If the FROSTMATIC function is switched
on the temperature setting may not be
3.10 Holiday function
This function allows you to keep the
refrigerator shut and empty during a


Table of Contents

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