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Troubleshooting Guide - Panasonic SC-HT1000 Operation Manual

Recordable dvd home theater system.
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Troubleshooting guide

Before requesting service, make the below checks. If you are in doubt about some of the check points, or if the remedies indicated in the chart do
not solve the problem, consult your dealer for instructions.
No power.
The unit switches to the standby
The unit is on but cannot be
During disc operation the unit
does not respond.
Cannot eject a disc.
Remote control
The remote control doesn't
Cannot operate the television.
The images from this unit do not
appear on the television.
Television reception worsens
after connecting the unit.
Screen size is wrong.
The picture flickers.
On-screen messages do not
The grey background does not
Play stops for a moment during
Quick View.
≥Insert the AC mains leads and system cable securely.
≥One of the unit's safety devices may have activated. Press [Í/I] on the main unit to turn the
unit on.
≥Some operations may be prohibited by the disc.
≥The unit is hot ("U14" appears on the display). Wait for "U14" to disappear.
≥One of the unit's safety devices may have activated.
Reset the unit as follows:
1 Press [Í/I] on the main unit to switch the unit to standby.
If the unit doesn't switch to standby, press and hold [Í/I] on the main unit for about 10
seconds. The unit is forcibly switched to standby.
Alternatively, disconnect the AC mains lead, wait one minute, then reconnect it.
2 Press [Í/I] on the main unit to turn the unit on.
≥The selector has been set to "FM" or "AM". Press [DVD] to select "DVD/CD" as the source.
≥Press [Í/I] on the main unit to turn the unit off.
Hold down [∫] and [W, CHANNEL] on the main unit simultaneously for about 5 seconds.
–If the Child Lock function is activated, above operation does not work.
≥[HOME THEATER, TV] is not switched to "HOME THEATER". Switch to "HOME THEATER"
when operating this unit.
≥The remote control and main unit are using different codes. Change the code on the remote
≥The batteries are depleted. Replace them with new ones.
≥Point the remote control at the remote control sensor on the main unit.
≥Remove obstacles from between the remote control and main unit.
≥The unit is on standby to make a timer recording ("F" on the unit's display is on).
≥If "/" appears on the television, the operation is prohibited by the unit or disc.
≥If the unit is not operating at all, press [F TIMER] to switch the unit to standby, then press [F
TIMER] again to turn the unit on. The unit may not be operating correctly due to lightning,
static electricity, or some other external factor.
≥The Child Lock function is activated.
≥Change manufacturer code. Some televisions cannot be operated even if you change the
≥[HOME THEATER, TV] is not switched to "TV". Switch to "TV" when selecting the receiving
channel for the television.
≥Make sure that the television is connected to the VIDEO OUT terminal, S-VIDEO OUT
terminal or AV1 terminal on this unit.
≥Make sure that the television's input setting (e.g., AV 1) is correct.
≥This can occur because the signals are being divided between the unit and the television.
It can be solved by using a signal booster, available from audio-visual suppliers. Consult your
dealer if reception does not improve.
≥Check the settings on your television.
≥Check the settings for "TV Aspect", "Norm (4:3) TV Settings (DVD-Video)" or "Norm (4:3) TV
Settings (DVD-RAM)" in the Connection menu.
≥Adjust the television's vertical hold. Read the television's operating instructions or consult your
≥Go to the Display menu and select "Automatic" for "On-Screen Messages".
≥Press [STATUS] to show the on-screen messages constantly.
≥Go to the Display menu and select "On" for "Grey Background".
≥Play may stop where two play lists join, but this is not a malfunction.
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