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Ironing Without Steam; Setting The Temperature - Siemens TS25 Series Operating Instructions Manual

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7. The "Steam ready" indicator lamp (7) will light up after
several minutes, indicating that the appliance is ready to
The steam generator will take more time to reach "Steam
ready" state only upon the initial heating up, or after
performing the de-scaling operation (Calc'n clean).
When water is already present in the steam generator
during regular use, heat up time to reach the operating
temperature will be faster.
8. This appliance has a built-in water level sensor. The "refill
water tank" indicator (3) will light when the water tank is
• Normal tap water can be used.
To prolong the optimum steam function, mix tap water with
distilled water 1:1. If the tap water in your district is very
hard, mix tap water with distilled water 1:2.
You can inquire about the water hardness with your local
water supplier.
• The water tank can be filled at any time while using the
• To avoid damage and/or contamination of the water
tank and the boiler, do not put perfume, vinegar, starch,
descaling agents, additives or any other type of chemical
product into the water tank.
Any damage caused by the use of the aforementioned
products, will make the guarantee void.
• The iron is not designed to rest on its heal. Please always
position it horizontally on the iron pad (2).
• The iron pad can be placed into the specially designed
recess on the appliance or somewhere suitable alongside
the ironing area.
Never rest the iron on the appliance without the iron
• During it first use the iron may produce certain vapours
and odours, along with white particles on the soleplate,
this is normal and it will stop after a few minutes
• While the steam release button is pressed, the water tank
may produce a pumping sound, this is normal, indicating
that water is being pumped to the steam tank.

Setting the temperature

1. Check the ironing instruction label on the garment to
determine the correct ironing temperature.
2. Select the temperature (10)
"•" Synthetics
"••" Silk – Wool
"•••" Cotton – Linen
3. The indicator lamp (12) will remain lit while the iron is
heating and go out as soon as the iron has reached the
selected temperature.
• Sort your garments out based on their cleaning symbol
labels, always starting with clothes that have to be ironed
at the lowest temperatures.
• If you are not sure what the garment is made of then begin
ironing at a low temperature and decide on the correct
temperature by ironing a small section not usually seen
when worn
Ironing with steam (B)
1. Turn the temperature selector (10) to the required setting.
2. Set the amount of steam to suit your needs, using the
variable steam control (4) (depending on the model).
For normal use, please choose one of the following
recommended settings:
3. Press the steam release button to release steam.
1. When ironing on a lower temperature setting "•".
• If the appliance has variable steam control (4), set the
variable steam control to its lowest position ("1").
• If the appliance does not have variable steam control,
press the steam release button only for a few seconds at a
time when ironing at lower temperatures.
In both cases, if you find that water is dripping out of the
soleplate, set the temperature selector (10) to a higher
position (take care that the garment can be ironed on this
heat temperature setting).
2. At the beginning of each use, it is possible that drops of
water will be dispensed alongside steam. Therefore, it is
advisable to try the iron on the ironing board or a piece of
cloth to start with.

Ironing without steam

1. Begin ironing but without pressing the steam release
button (11).
Vertical steam (C)
1. Set the temperature control to the "•••" or "max" position.
2. You can steam iron curtains and hanging garments
(jackets, suits, coats...) by placing the iron in a vertical
position and pressing the steam release button (11).
Never direct the steam jet at garments that are being worn.
Never aim the steam at people or animals.
Intelligent steam
(depending on model)
This system has intelligent steam control, which, after
releasing the steam release button (11), provides a small
amount of additional steam.
The additional steam can always be stopped by briefly
pressing the steam release button once again.
Auto shut-off
(depending on the model)
If during ironing the steam release button (11) on the handle of
the iron is not pressed for a certain length of time (8 minutes),
the steam station will automatically switch off.
The "Auto shut-off" pilot lamp (7) will flash when auto shut-off
has been activated.
To switch the steam station back on, press the steam release
button again, and wait until the "Auto shut-off" pilot lamp
remains lit continuously.
Steam setting


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