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Panasonic CY-TUN153U Operating Instructions Manual page 3

Panasonic owners manual satellite tv receiver cy-tun153u
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Table of Contents
Safety Information
Observe the following cautions when using this
 This unit is designed for use exclusively in
 Do not operate the unit for a prolonged period with
the engine turned off.
Operating the audio system for a long period of time
with the engine turned off will drain the battery.
 Do not expose the unit to direct sunlight or excessive
Otherwise these will raise the interior temperature
of the unit, and it may lead to smoke, fi re, or other
damage to the unit.
 Do not use the product where it will be exposed to
water, moisture, or dust.
Exposure of the unit to water, moisture, or dust may
lead to smoke, fi re, or other damage to the unit. Make
especially sure that the unit does not get wet in car
washes or on rainy days.
Observe the following cautions when installing.
 If your car is equipped with air bag and/or anti-theft
systems specifi c procedures may be required for
connection and disconnection of the battery to install
this product.
 Refer wiring and installation to qualifi ed service
Installation of this unit requires special skills and
experience. For maximum safety, have it installed by
your dealer. Panasonic is not liable for any problems
resulting from your own installation of the unit.
 Follow the instructions to install and wire the product.
Not following the instructions to properly install and
wire the product could cause an accident or fi re.
 Take care not to damage the leads.
When wiring, take care not to damage the leads.
Prevent them from getting caught in the vehicle
chassis, screws, and moving parts such as seat rails.
Do not scratch, pull, bend or twist the leads. Do not run
them near heat sources or place heavy objects on them.
If leads must be run over sharp metal edges, protect
the leads by winding them with vinyl tape or similar
 Use the designated parts and tools for installation.
Use the supplied or designated parts and appropriate
tools to install the product. The use of parts other than
those supplied or designated may result in internal
damage to the unit. Faulty installation may lead to an
accident, a malfunction or fi re.
 Do not install the product where it is exposed to
strong vibrations or is unstable.
Avoid slanted or strongly curved surfaces for
installation. If the installation is not stable, the unit may
fall down while driving and this can lead to an accident
or injury.
 Ware gloves for safety. Make sure that wiring is
completed before installation.
 To prevent damage to the unit, do not connect the
power connector until the whole wiring is completed.
 Never mount the unit in any of the following locations
to avoid damage due to overheating;
• Near the heater port.
• Places like the dashboard or rear deck, where it may
be exposed to direct sunlight.
 Do not mount the unit near the door, where it could be
exposed to rain.
 You run the risk of interfering with the mounting or
causing damage by drilling into the gas tank, a wiring
harness, or other component.
 Note that if your car has a driving computer or a
navigation computer, disconnecting the cable from the
battery may clear the memory.
 Fit a vinyl cap over unused connection terminals, to
prevent contact with metal parts etc.
Observe the following cautions when mounting the
TV antennas.
 Attach the TV antenna so that it does not protrude.
If the antenna element extends beyond the front and
rear of the vehicle or car, it could hit eyes or heads of
pedestrians and potentially cause an accident or an
 Place the TV antenna so that it does not impede driving
or visibility. If the antenna is in a position that impairs
forward or backward visibility, it could interfere with
driving and cause an accident.
 Do not disassemble or modify the TV antenna. Such
modifi cation could start smoke or fi re.
 Fasten the TV antenna securely, so that it cannot drop
off. If the screws are loose or the bond at the mounting
is weak, the antenna could fall off, potentially causing
damage to the car bodywork, accident or injury. Inspect
it occasionally.
 Be sure to install the TV antenna on the inner side of
the rear window.
 Be sure to connect the power lead of the TV antenna to
ACC power DC 12 V.
 Keep the antenna away from the external amplifi er and
the rear speaker cord as much as possible.
 Be sure to connect the grounding plate into the TV
antenna body. Otherwise, desensitization will occur.
 Avoid contacting the back of the TV antenna body on
the adhesive surface.
 Do not re-adhere the back of the TV antenna body to
avoid weakening adherability.
 Avoid adhering the TV antenna on the heating wire as
much as possible.
Observe the following cautions when handling the
batteries for the remote control unit.
Proper Use of the Batteries
 Use only specifi ed battery (CR2025).
 Match the polarity of the battery with the () and ()
marks in the battery case.
 Replace a dead battery as soon as possible.
 Remove the battery from the remote control unit when
not using it for an extended period of time.
 Insulate the battery (by placing them in a plastic bag
or covering them with vinyl tape) before disposal or
 Do not disassemble, recharge, heat or short the battery.
Do not throw a battery into a fi re or water.
 Follow local regulations when disposing of a battery.
 Improper use of a battery may cause overheating, an
explosion or ignition, resulting in injury or a fi re.
In case of battery leakage
 Thoroughly wipe the battery liquid off the battery case
and insert new battery.
 If any part of your body or clothing comes into contact
with battery liquid, wash it with plenty of water.
 If battery liquid comes into contact with your eyes,
wash them with plenty of water and get immediate
medical attention.


Table of Contents

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