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Troubleshooting - Panasonic CY-TUN153U Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic owners manual satellite tv receiver cy-tun153u
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If You Suspect Something Wrong
Check and take steps as described below.
If the described suggestions do not solve the problem, it is
recommended to take the unit to your nearest authorized
Panasonic Servicenter. The product should be serviced only
by qualifi ed personnel. Please refer checking and repair to
Panasonic shall not be liable for any accidents arising out
of neglect of checking the unit or your own repair after your
Never take measures especially those other than indicated by
italic letters in "Possible solution" described below because
those are too dangerous for users to handle themselves.
No power to the unit.
The power cord (battery, power control and ground) is connected in the wrong way.
 Check the wiring.
Fuse blows out.
 Eliminate the cause of fuse blowout and replace the fuse with new one. Consult
your dealer.
There is an electromagnetic-wave generator such as a cellular phone near the unit or
its electrical lines.
 Keep the electromagnetic-wave generator such as a cellular phone away from
the unit and the wiring of the unit. If noise cannot be eliminated due to the wiring
harness of the car, consult your dealer.
The contact of the ground lead is poor.
 Make sure that the ground lead is connected to an unpainted part of the chassis
Noise is made in step
Alternator noise comes from the car.
 Change the wiring position of the ground lead.
with engine revolutions.
 Mount a noise fi lter on the power supply.
Some operations are not
Some operations are not executable in particular modes such as menu mode.
 Read the operating instructions carefully and cancel the mode. If the unit is still
out of order, consult your dealer.
 Do not use the unit in abnormal condition, for
example, without sound, or with smoke or foul
smell, which can cause ignition or electric shock.
Immediately stop using the unit and consult your
 Never try to repair the unit by yourself because it
is dangerous to do so.
Possible cause  Possible solution
Common (continued)
Poor reception or noise.
DIVER (Diversity) antenna setting is set to "OFF".
 Set "ON" to receive a good reception.
TV stations cannot be
Antenna installation or wiring of antenna cable is faulty.
 Check whether the antenna mounting position and its wiring are correct. In
addition, check to see whether the antenna ground is securely connected to the
The power of the unit
The safety device works.
 Consult your dealer, or your nearest Panasonic Servicenter.
fails unintentionally.
The number of auto
The number of receivable stations is less than 12.
 Move to an area where receivable channels number is maximum, and try
preset channels is less
than 12.
 Confi rm the operation of the presetting, and preset channels again.
Preset channels cannot
be stored.
The contact of the battery lead is poor, or the battery lead is not always powered.
 Make sure that the battery lead is connected securely, and preset channels
Remote Control Unit
No response to pressing
The battery is inserted in the wrong direction. A wrong battery is inserted.
 Insert a correct battery in the correct direction.
The battery is weak.
 Replace the battery with new one.
The aimimg direction of the remote control unit is wrong.
 Aim the remote control unit at the sensor of the Head Unit and press buttons.
The wiring is in the wrong way.
 Check the wiring of the Head Unit/Expansion Module connecting cable when the
Head Unit is CQ-VD7003U, CQ-VD6503U (option).
The sensor is exposed to direct sunlight. (The remote control unit may not be operable
when the sensor is exposed to direct sunlight, In such a case, the system is not
 Block off sunlight to the sensor.
Possible cause  Possible solution
Possible cause  Possible solution


Table of Contents

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