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Panasonic CY-TUN153U Operating Instructions Manual page 13

Panasonic owners manual satellite tv receiver cy-tun153u
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Table of Contents
Mounting the TV Antenna
 Be sure to install the TV antenna on the inner side of
the rear window.
 Be sure to connect the power lead of the TV antenna
to ACC power DC 12 V.
 Keep the antenna away from the external amplifi er
and the rear speaker cord as much as possible.
Remove the upholstery at both sides of the
rear window to establish a ground.
Remove the upholstery.
Observe the following to enhance adherability.
 Wipe the inner surface of the rear window with a
wet and soft cloth along the heating wire. But do
not leave water droplets on the glass.
 When the outside-air temperature is less than 20C
{68F}, switch on the rear window defogger or the
car heater to warm the surface of the rear window
for approx. 5 minutes.
For a hatchback type:
Stick the grounding plate skillfully and hold the loose
antenna element with the Antenna Clamp  so that the
element will not become caught in the hatchback door.
Adjust the cord length so that the cord does not
interfere with the movement of the hatchback door,
and secure the cord with Cord Clamp .
Straighten the bent antenna element.
Confi rm the adhering positions.
Shorter side
Affi x the antenna temporarily with adhesive tape after
confi rming the antenna position.
Antenna cable identifi cation
(for each antenna)
To TV antenna
connector on
the unit.
Antenna Cord
Power lead
(Fuse 0.5 A)
To ACC power,
ACC 0.5A
+12 V DC.
To another's
power lead
Ground Lead
To a clean, bare metallic part
of the car chassis.
Insert the grounding plate into the antenna body and hold the antenna element with the Antenna
Clamp .
Select a suitable screw point for
the grounding plate to adhere
to a metal part and remove the
screw and the terminal cover.
Screw points
Follow the steps below to install the grounding plate.
Insert the grounding plate into the antenna body.
Hold the grounding plate with the terminal cover.
Screw the grounding plate.
Hold the antenna element with the Antenna Clamp .
Some models restrict the installation of
the TV antenna due to rear window size
or open/close of the hatch. Contact your
Cord routing
Hold the cord with a
Cord Clamp .
Route the cord behind
Route the cord inside the
the rear seat and affi x it
upholstery and under the
with adhesive tape.
Terminal cover
Grounding Plate
 Be sure to connect the grounding plate. Otherwise,
desensitization will occur.
Peel the sheet from the back of the
antenna body and affi x it. Then, affi x the
grounding plate on a metal part.
Follow the steps below to affi x the antenna securely.
Affi x the antenna body.
Straighten the antenna element and affi x it.
Put the Antenna Clamp  on the center of the
antenna element.
Adjust the angle and position of the grounding plate
and affi x it.
For some models, you cannot straighten the
longer element.
Comfortably curving
No bending
 Avoid contacting the adhesive surface.
 Do not re-adhere to avoid weakening adherability.
 Avoid adhering on the heating wire as much as


Table of Contents

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