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Panasonic PT-L6510U Operating Instructions Manual: Accessories

Commercial use.
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Do not look into the lens while the projector is being used.
• Strong light is emitted from the projector's lens. If you look directly into this light, it can hurt and damage your eyes.
Do not bring your hands or other objects close to the air outlet port.
• Heated air comes out of the air outlet port. Do not bring your hands or face, or objects which cannot withstand heat.
Replacement of the lamp unit should only be carried out by a qualified technician.
• The lamp unit has high internal pressure. It can easily become damaged if struck against hard objects or dropped,
and injury or malfunctions may result.
Replacement of the lamp unit should only be carried out after it has completely cooled off,
otherwise burns may result.
Disconnect the power cord plug from the wall outlet as a safety precaution before carrying
out any cleaning.
• Electric shocks can result if this is not done.
Ask an Authorized Service Center to clean inside the projector at least once a year.
• If dust is left to build up inside the projector without being cleaned out, it can result in fire or problems with operation.
• It is a good idea to clean the inside of the projector before the season for humid weather arrives. Ask your nearest
Authorized Service Center to clean the projector when required. Please discuss with the Authorized Service Center
regarding cleaning costs.
Do not reach for the openings beside the optical lens, during horizontal or vertical movements
of the lens there is a injury hazard.
An effort to keep our environment clean, Please bring the non repairable unit your Dealer or
a Recycling Company.


Check that all of the accessories shown below have been included with your projector.
Remote control unit
[N2QAEA000003 x1]
Power cord
[K2CA3FZ00001 x1]
RGB signal cable
(for VGA)
[3.0 m (9' 10"),
K1HB15FA0001 x1]
USB cable [3.0 m (9' 10"),
K1HB04FD0002 x1]
Wired cable for remote control
[15 m (49' 3"), K1EA03NA0001 x1]
Right-side exhaust guide
[TPAKK21 x1]
Left-side exhaust guide
[TPAKK22 x1]
Fixing pin
[TPAMM33 x1]
Lens cover
[TKKL5103 x1]
Battery for remote control unit
[R03NPA/2ST x1]
Conversion plug
[K2RB031D0001 x1]


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