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[color Temp/color Space/gamma] Menu; [user Control] Menu - Sony PVM-A170 Operating Instructions Manual

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[Color Temp/Color Space/Gamma] menu

This menu is used for adjusting the color temperature,
color space and gamma.
You need to use the measurement instrument to adjust
the white balance.
Recommended: Konica Minolta Color Analyzer CA-
[Color Temp]
Selects the color temperature from
among [D65], [D93], [User1], [User2].
If you measure the color temperatures
of different display types, such as CRT,
LCD, or OLED, by using a common (or
general) color analyzer that is based on
CIE 1931, and adjust the xy
chromaticity to the same value, the
appearance may be different because of
optical spectrum differences.
To compensate for this difference, the
[D65] and [D93] settings of the monitor
are adjusted by an offset
1) The offset value applied (x-0.006, y-
0.011) is based on the Judd's function
to the CIE 1931 (x, y) value.
[Manual Adjustment] If you set the [Color Temp] to the
[Color Space]

[User Control] menu

The user control menu is used for adjusting the picture.
[User1] or [User2] setting, the item
displayed is changed from black to
white, which means you can adjust the
color temperature.
The set values are memorized.
[Adjust Gain/Bias]:
[R Gain]: Adjusts the color
balance (gain) of R (red).
[G Gain]: Adjusts the color
balance (gain) of G (green).
[B Gain]: Adjusts the color
balance (gain) of B (blue).
[R Bias]: Adjusts the color
balance (bias) of R (red).
[G Bias]: Adjusts the color
balance (bias) of G (green).
[B Bias]: Adjusts the color
balance (bias) of B (blue).
[Copy From]: If you select [D65],
[D93], [User1] or [User2], the
white balance data for the
selected color temperature will
be copied to the [User1] or
[User2] setting.
If the [Password Lock] has been turned
[On], the [User1] value is protected by a
password. To change the values, enter
the password.
Selects the color space from among
[ITU-709], [EBU], [SMPTE-C], [S-
GAMUT], [Native]. [Native] sets the
color space to the original color
reproduction of the panel.
Select the appropriate gamma mode
from among [2.2], [2.4], [CRT], [S-
LOG2 to 709(800%)].
The factory setting is gamma 2.4 that is
specified by ITU-R BT.1886. By using
this gamma the dark areas may appear
darker than that of a CRT or LCD. If
you want to set the gamma to that of a
CRT or LCD, select [CRT] or [2.2].
Also, if the shaded areas lack detail,
adjust [Brightness] (page 25).
Adjustment Using the Menus


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