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Siemens txl 720k Instruction Manual And Installation Instructions Page 21

Siwatherm extraklasse.
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Child safety
Fine adjustment of the
level of dryness
You can lock the dryer settings to prevent the func
tions you have set from being inadvertently changed.
(For notes on settings, see page 19).
When the child safety lock is selected:
- It is not possible to make any changes while a pro
gramme is running. The buttons and programme
selector cannot be operated.
- The dryer can only be switched off using the pro
gramme selector. If the dryer is switched on again,
the programme continues with the same settings.
- The door may be opened at any time.
The programme will be halted and may only be
restarted once the child safety lock has been re
To release the child safety lock:
Press and hold the Start/Stop button for 4 seconds.
Machine lock (to prevent unauthorised use)
The dryer cannot be restarted once the programme
has finished. G is shown in the display.
To release the lock:
Press and hold the Start/Stop button for 4 seconds.
The child safety lock remains in place and will be ef
fective the next time a programme is started.
The child safety lock can be released permanently
using the Menu button.
(For notes on settings, see page 19).
The dryer has been designed to be as energy efficient
as possible.
The level of dryness of the Cupboard dry", Very dry"
and Extra dry" programmes can be individually in
creased. We would particularly recommend this if you
live in a hard water area or a cold climate. For notes
on settings, see page 19.


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