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Followme Tv (Depending On The Model); Cec And Cec Rc Passthrough (Depending On The Model); E-Manual (Depending On The Model); General Tv Operation - Hitachi 32HBT41 Instruction Manual

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try restarting the recording. If you still get the same
error, it is possible that your USB disk does not meet
the speed requirements. Try connecting another
USB disk.

FollowMe TV (depending on the model)

With your mobile device you can stream the current
broadcast from your smart TV using the FollowMe
TV feature. Install the appropriate Smart Center
application to your mobile device. Start the application.
For further information on using this feature refer to
the instructions of the application you use.
Note: This application may not be compatible with all
mobile devices. HD channels are not supported and
both of the devices must be connected to the same

CEC and CEC RC Passthrough (depending on the model)

This function allows to control the CEC-enabled
devices, that are connected through HDMI ports by
using the remote control of the TV.
The CEC option in the System>Options>More menu
should be set as Enabled at first. Press the Source
button and select the HDMI input of the connected
CEC device from the Source List menu. When new
CEC source device is connected, it will be listed
in source menu with its own name instead of the
connected HDMI ports name(such as DVD Player,
Recorder 1 etc.).
The TV remote is automatically able to perform the
main functions after the connected HDMI source has
been selected.
To terminate this operation and control the TV via
the remote again, press Quick Menu button on the
remote, highlight the CEC RC Passthrough and
set as Off by pressing Left or Right button. This
feature can also be enabled or disabled under the
System>Options>More menu.
The TV supports also ARC(Audio Return Channel)
feature. This feature is an audio link meant to replace
other cables between the TV and the audio system
(A/V receiver or speaker system).
When ARC is active, TV does not mute its other audio
outputs automatically. So you need to decrease TV
volume to zero manually, if you want to hear audio
from connected audio device only (same as other
optical or co-axial digital audio outputs). If you want
to change connected device's volume level, you
should select that device from the source list. In that
case volume control keys are directed to connected
audio device.
System Audio Control
Allows an Audio Amplifier/Receiver to be used with
the TV. The volume can be controlled using the
remote control of the TV. To activate this feature set
the Speakers option in the System>Options>More
menu as Amplifier. The TV speakers will be muted
and the sound of the watched source will be provided
from the connected sound system.
Note: The audio device should support System Audio Control
feature and CEC option should be set as Enabled.

E-Manual (depending on the model)

You can find instructions for your TV's features in
the E-Manual.
To use E-Manual, press to the Info button while main
menu is displayed on the screen.
By using the navigation buttons select a desired
category. Every category includes different topics.
Select a topic and press OK to read instructions.
To close the E-Manual screen press the Exit button.
Note: The contents of the E-Manual may vary
according to the model.

General TV Operation

Using the Channel List

The TV sorts all stored stations in the Channel List.
You can edit this channel list, set favourites or set
active stations to be listed by using the Channel
List options.
Configuring Parental Settings
To prohibit viewing of certain programmes, channels
and menus can be locked by using the parental
control system.
To display parental lock menu options, the PIN number
should be entered. After coding the correct PIN
number, Parental Settings menu will be displayed.
Menu Lock: Menu lock setting enables or disables
the menu access.
Maturity Lock: If this option is set, TV gets the
maturity information from the broadcast and if this
maturity level is disabled, disables access to the
Note: If the country option in the First Time Installation
is set as France, Italy or Austria, Maturity Lock's value
will be set to 18 as default.
Child Lock: When Child Lock is set, the TV can only
be controlled by the remote control. In this case the
control panel buttons will not work.
Internet Lock: If this option is set to OFF, the open
browser application in the portal will be disabled. Set
to ON to release the application again.
Set PIN: Defines a new PIN number.
Note: Default PIN can be set to 0000 or 1234. If you
have defined the PIN(is requested depending on the
country selection) during the First Time Installation use
the PIN that you have defined.
Some options may not be available depending on the
country selection in the First Time Installation.
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