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Power Supply Preparations; Hold Function - Panasonic SL-SX469V Operating Instructions Manual

Portable cd player with fm/am.
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Power Supply Preparations

Refer to the specifications (page 8) for information on operating times when using rechargeable batteries or dry-cell batteries.
Using the AC adaptor
Connect the AC adaptor supplied.
DC IN jack (K DC IN 4.5 V)
AC adaptor
≥The configuration of the AC adaptor differs according
to the area.
≥The unit is in the standby condition when the AC
adaptor is connected. The primary circuit is always
"live" as long as the AC adaptor is connected to an
electrical outlet.
≥Turn the unit off before connecting or disconnecting
the AC adaptor.
Using the rechargeable batteries
Make sure to recharge the batteries before using them.
The unit cannot be used to charge rechargeable batter-
ies other than those specifically designed for it.
≥Supplied batteries (HHR4AHEBA1)
≥Optional batteries
For United Kingdom: (HHR-4AHE/2B)
For others: (HHR-4AHT/2B)
Recharging procedure
Insert the special rechargeable bat-
teries into the unit.
Connect the AC adaptor.
Refer to "Using the AC adaptor" for connection in-
Recharging starts and the "H" charging indicator
flashes on and off on the unit's display.
When the rechargeable batteries are fully re-
charged the charging indicator disappears.
When recharging is complete, un-
plug the AC adaptor from the
household mains socket and the DC
IN jack.

HOLD Function

≥Rechargeable batteries have a service life of approxi-
mately 300 charge-discharge cycles. If the operating
time on one full charge becomes noticeably shorter
than it used to be, the battery has reached the end of
its service life and should be replaced.
≥Recharging may only be performed when the unit is
powered off.
Back panel of the unit
≥The AC adaptor and rechargeable batteries may be-
come warm while recharging is in progress. This is not
a malfunction.
≥The rechargeable batteries should be changed when
the unit is off.
H o u s e h o l d
If the battery lid
mains socket
comes loose
Slide the lid back into
place horizontally.
Using dry-cell batteries
(not included)
After disconnecting the AC adaptor, insert two LR03
(UM-4) alkaline batteries.
The procedure for inserting and removing
dry-cell batteries is identical to that for
rechargeable batteries.
The dry cell batteries should be changed when the unit
is off.
When the battery indicator flashes
Power is cut off a short while later. Recharge the
rechargeable batteries or replace the dry cell batteries
with new ones.
≥How long the unit continues to operate after the bat-
tery indicator starts flashing depends on the type of
batteries and on whether you are using the unit to play
CDs or the radio.
≥The battery indicator may not flash if rechargeable
batteries, other than those designated by Panasonic,
are used.
Using the car adaptor (not included)
Be sure to obtain the car adaptor (SH-CDC9), available
as an optional accessory.
The car adaptor can be used to recharge the unit's bat-
teries while in the car.
This function causes the unit to ignore short, accidental
button presses. (The disc lid can still be opened and
HOLD function prevents the following:
≥Powering on the unit accidentally (which can cause
the batteries to go dead).
≥Play being cut off unexpectedly in the middle of a se-
To use HOLD function
Set [HOLD] to the HOLD position.
Using the external battery case
The external battery case allows you to extend the max-
imum playing time of the unit by loading an additional
two LR6 (UM-3) (not included) alkaline batteries.
Push up on the battery
in the direction
indicated by the arrow.
Then lift it out.
For your reference:
≥The unit can be powered by the batteries in the exter-
nal battery case alone. Batteries do not need to be
loaded in the unit.
≥The maximum playing time will differ depending on the
type of batteries (rechargeable/dry-cell) loaded in the
unit body.
If the cover of the battery case comes
Battery indicator
Insert the
protrusions into the
holes on either end
of the case.
≥Though you can use rechargeable batteries in the bat-
tery case, it does not recharge them. (Use dry cell bat-
teries if possible.)
≥When using rechargeable batteries in the unit body,
and dry-cell batteries in the battery case, be sure to
use fully charged rechargeable batteries and new dry-
cell batteries.
≥When using four dry-cell batteries, do not mix new and
old batteries.
If the unit malfunctions or freezes during
use, disconnect the power sources (the
AC adaptor or external battery case).
Re-connect the power source or continue
The unit and wired remote control have [HOLD] switch-
es, each of which works independently.
(The hold indicator turns green when the remote control
is in hold position.)
"(" Indication
When the unit is in HOLD status, pressing any opera-
tion button causes the indication "(" to appear on
the display.
When the unit is powered off:
The "(" indication appears only when [
[RADIO/BAND] is pressed.
Open the cover of the battery case
and insert the batteries.
Insert the end
marked (j) first.
Mount the battery case on the unit
Insert the protrusions
on the battery case
into the three
indentations in the
unit body.
Secure in place with the screw.
Reverse the above procedure to remove the ex-
ternal battery case.
] or


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