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HP 1820 Management And Configuration Manual: Port Mirroring

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Port Mirroring

Port mirroring is used to monitor the network traffic that one or more ports send and receive. The Port Mirroring
feature creates a copy of the traffic that the source interface handles and sends it to a destination port. All traffic
from the source can be mirrored and sent toward the destination port. When the destination is a port on the local
device, a network protocol analyzer is typically connected to the port. Multiple switch ports can be configured
as source ports, with each port mirrored to the same destination.
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To display the Port Mirroring page, click Switching > Port Mirroring in the navigation pane.
Figure 4-4. Port Mirroring Page
Table 4-4. Port Mirroring Fields
Port Mirroring
Destination Port
If you change these settings, click Apply to save any changes for the current boot session. The changes take
effect immediately.
The Port Mirroring page also displays summary information for all source ports configured for mirroring. To
add one or more source ports to mirror to the destination port, click Add Source.
When configuring port mirroring, avoid oversubscribing the destination port to prevent the loss of
mirrored data.
While a port is used as the destination port for mirrored data, the port cannot be used for any other
purpose; the port will not receive and forward traffic.
Enables or disables port mirroring globally on the switch. This feature is disabled by default.
Select the switch port to which packets will be mirrored.
analyzer is connected to this port.
Switching Features
Port Mirroring
Typically, a network protocol


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