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Playback; Playing Discs; Set The Power To Standby; Fast Forward/Fast Reverse - Pioneer PD-30-K/-S Operating Instructions Manual

Super audio cd player
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Chapter 4:
The functions that can be used differ according to the
type of disc and file. In some cases, some of the
functions cannot be used. See Playback functions on
page 11.

Playing discs

Press the front panel's
/I STANDBY/ON button to turn
power ON to the unit.
• With the PD-30, turn on the power by
pressing the POWER button in until it
remains at the depressed position.
Side view of front panel
Press the  button to
open the disc tray and set
the disc in place.
• Set the disc with the imprinted side facing up.
Press the  button
to begin playback.
• To pause playback, press
the  button.
• To stop playback, press the  button.
• Steps 2 and 3 can be performed via the remote
control in the same way as for the main unit's front
panel controls.

Set the power to Standby

Remove any disc loaded before setting the power switch
to STANDBY mode.
Press the remote control's
 STANDBY/ON button.
The next time you wish to turn on the power,
press the remote control's  STANDBY/ON button.
• In the case of the PD-30, pressing the front panel
/I STANDBY/ON button sets the unit to power
OFF, not STANDBY mode. To turn on the power
again, press the front panel's /I STANDBY/ON
• If the power cord is disconnected when the unit is
in the standby mode the unit will turn off, but when
the cord is then reconnected, the unit will not
automatically turn on. After reconnecting the
power cord, press the remote control's
 STANDBY/ON button to turn the power on.

Fast forward/Fast reverse

During playback, press the
 or  button.
Each time the button is pressed the
forward or reverse speed is changed in four steps.
• To return to the normal play function, press the
 button.

Skip function

During playback, press the
 or  button.
Playback will skip ahead or backwards the
number of tracks corresponding to the times the button
is pressed.
Direct search (designate a specific track
for playback)
Using the number buttons,
input the desired track number,
then press the ENTER button to confirm the
Even if the ENTER button is not pressed,
playback will begin automatically after a 5-
second interval (this does not apply to
programmed playback).

Repeat playback

Repeat play can be performed for the currently playing
single track, or for all tracks on the entire disc.
During playback, press the
REPEAT button.
• Repeat play will begin, and the [REPEAT] indicator
will light on the unit's front panel display. Press the
button again to alternate the type of repeat play
between single-track repeat and disc (all-track)
repeat as follows:
single-track repeat
([REPEAT] indicator lights)
トラックリピー ト([REPEAT]点灯)
Disc repeat ([REPEAT] and [ALL] indicators light)
ディスクリピー ト([REPEAT]、 [ALL]点灯)
Repeat OFF
リピー トオフ
• The repeat play function is canceled when disc
playback is stopped.

Random playback

All tracks on the disc are selected and played in random
order, until each track has been played once.
During playback, press the
RANDOM button.
Random playback starts, and the [RANDOM]
lights in the main unit's front panel display.
• Random playback continues until the disc stops, or
until the RANDOM button is pressed once again.
• The random playback function cannot be used
simultaneously with programmed playback.
• If the  button is pressed during random
playback, play skips ahead to the next randomly
selected track. If the  button is pressed,
playback returns to the beginning of the currently
playing track and starts again.
Programmed playback (Play tracks in a
predetermined order)
This function allows you to program up to 24 tracks for
playback in the order selected.
From the stop mode, press the
PROGRAM button.
The [PGM] indicator will light in the unit's front panel
Use the number buttons to select the
number of the desired track,
followed by the ENTER button.
Example: To select track 15, press the 1 and 5
buttons, then press ENTER. In the event you
make a mistake, press the CLEAR button.
Repeat step 2 to input the numbers of all
desired tracks.
Press the  button.
Playback will begin in the order the tracks have
been programmed. If you wish to add other
tracks, repeat steps 1 and 2.
• If the CLEAR button is pressed when the disc is
stopped, all programmed tracks will be cancelled.
• To clear programmed tracks, from the stop mode,
press the PROGRAM button followed by the CLEAR
button. The programmed tracks will be cancelled,
beginning with the last one programmed.
• A "pause" cannot be programmed.
• The contents of programmed playback (all-track
repeat) can be repeated. Just press the REPEAT
button after beginning programmed playback (see
at left).
• Single-track repeat cannot be performed during
programmed playback.
• Random playback cannot be used during
programmed playback.
• If the  button is pressed during programmed
playback, play will jump ahead to begin playback of
the next programmed track.
• After playback has stopped, to begin the same
programmed playback again, press the PROGRAM
button, followed by the  button.

View disc data

During playback, press the
DISPLAY button
Various data, including elapsed and remaining playing
times will be displayed.
Depending on the disc, pressing the DISPLAY button
multiple times will cause the display to cycle through
different data contents.
• Displays file name (first 8 characters) when playing
AAC files (PD-30 only), WMA/MP3 files, or files on
DSD discs. Depending on the characters used,
however, the display may not be entirely correct.


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