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How to use your HP documentation
This guide
Use this guide to quickly and easily set up and install the software for
your new HP LaserJet 1100A Printer•Copier•Scanner. You can find
the following information in this guide:
Hardware setup information (fold-out cover)
Package contents (fold-out cover)
Verifying hardware installation
Installing the software
Printer components
Copier/Scanner components
Printer control panel lights
Scanner control panel
Troubleshooting common issues
Service and support
FCC compliance
How to use your HP documentation 1


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   Summary of Contents for HP laserjet 1100

  • Page 1

    How to use your HP documentation This guide Use this guide to quickly and easily set up and install the software for your new HP LaserJet 1100A Printer•Copier•Scanner. You can find the following information in this guide: Hardware setup information (fold-out cover)

  • Page 2

    The online user guide is a comprehensive source of information, designed to help you learn how to use your HP LaserJet 1100 printer or your Copier/Scanner for the HP LaserJet 1100. The focus of this guide is hardware.

  • Page 3

    (center light illuminated). Press and release the Go button to print a self-test page. If the scanner is correctly installed, the lower left-hand side of the self- test page should read “Scanner Installed: YES.” How to use your HP documentation 3...

  • Page 4: Installing The Software

    Installing the software General Before installing the software, verify the following: At least 8 MB or more of RAM is installed on your PC (16 MB recommended). There is at least 20 MB of free hard disk space on your PC. All applications are closed on your PC before beginning installation.

  • Page 5: Printer Components

    Printer components 1. Printer control panel 2. Paper supports 3. Paper input tray 4. Single-sheet paper input tray 5. Paper guides 6. Paper-output lever 7. Straight-through output path 8. Printer door 9. Paper output bin 1. Power switch (220-240 volt only) 2.

  • Page 6

    Printer control panel lights The control panel lights indicate the status of your printer. Light status legend Symbol for “light off” Symbol for “light on” Symbol for “light blinking” Printer control panel light messages Light status Condition of the Description and required printer action PowerSave mode...

  • Page 7

    5 seconds. previously sent print jobs are being purged. Or, a printer initialization is taking place. Fatal error Reset the printer. All lights are on. Turn the printer off and then back on. Contact HP Support. Printer control panel lights 7...

  • Page 8: Scanner Control Panel

    Scanner control panel The scanner control panel is comprised of two buttons: Copy: Press the Copy button to perform a single Quick Copy— your computer does not have to be on. Scan: Press the Scan button to launch the software. If configured correctly, you can perform the following tasks: •...

  • Page 9

    • Send a print job from a software application on your PC to your HP LaserJet 1100 printer. This verifies the software installation and communication to the printer. • Press the Scan button on the scanner control panel. If the software launches on your PC, this verifies the scanning software installation and verifies communication to the printer.

  • Page 10

    If the software installation fails in step 2, try installing the software using the following method: Note The alternate software installation method will install the printer software only. Alternate software installation for Windows 9x & NT 4.0 Close all software that is currently open on your PC. Click Start, select Settings, and then select Printers.

  • Page 11: Clearing Printer Paper Jams

    The printer door was opened while a job was printing. The media being used does not meet HP specifications. The media used was smaller than 76.2 x 127 mm (3 x 5 in.). Paper input tray areas Pull the page from the paper input tray side until it is fully removed.

  • Page 12

    Printer paper jams If the scanner is attached to the printer, it may be necessary to pull the printer to the edge of the work space to enable full extension of the printer door. Open the printer door. If the paper can be removed without removing the toner cartridge, go to step 3.

  • Page 13

    Removing torn pieces of paper from the printer A piece of jammed paper can tear while being removed. Use the following procedure to remove any small pieces of paper left in the printer. Make sure the toner cartridge is installed and the printer door is closed.

  • Page 14

    The paper input trays are loaded improperly. The original is too small or delicate to be correctly fed through the scanner. Media that does not meet HP specifications is used. Note Small or delicate originals, such as business cards or newsprint, may require a carrier sheet to correctly feed through the Copier/Scanner.

  • Page 15

    Clearing hard-to-reach jams CAUTION To prevent damaging your printer and/or scanner, unplug the power cord before removing the scanner. Unplug the printer, and then remove the scanner from the printer. See “Removing the scanner.” Rotate the scanner so the top is facing toward the ground.

  • Page 16: Removing The Scanner

    Removing the scanner To remove the scanner from the printer, follow the instructions below: Unplug the power-cord from the printer. Move the scanner lever, located under the scanner, from left to right to disengage the connector. Grasp the scanner on each side, rotate the bottom portion away from the printer, and then lift the entire scanner up and clear from the...

  • Page 17: Service And Support

    Regulatory Compliance statements, including the FCC compliance declaration. Acknowledgments Windows and Windows NT are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft corporation. Warranty You can find detailed warranty information in the HP LaserJet 1100 Online User Guide. Service and support 17...

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