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Software Update; Software Updates - Siemens PCS 7 Service Manual

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When Error
Error message
During insert
The 'SIMATIC 400(1) station'
does not support the
transmission rate of '187.5 kbps'
of the 'MBK-P' node.
Install a new
The path\file name of the GSD
file contains a syntax error.
File cannot be interpreted.
Determine the
The 'SIMATIC 400(1)' station
names of the
does not support the
GSD files and
transmission rate of '187.5 kbps'
the path:
of the "MBK-P' node.
via the object
properties of the
DP slave

Software update


Software updates

● For additional information on the update of the PCS 7 software, refer to the
● For additional information on updating redundant operator stations at runtime, refer to the
● Information on installing hot fixes are included in the respective software package with the
Service support and diagnostics (V8.0)
Service Manual, 03/2012, A5E02779775-02
Process Control System PCS 7; Software update without utilization of new functions
Process Control System PCS 7; Software update with utilization of new functions
PCS 7 Process Control System; Fault-Tolerant Process Control Systems manual, "Guide
to updating a redundant OS at runtime" section.
A corresponding brief overview is provided in the"Updating the PCS 7 OS in runtime
(Page 50)" section of this documentation.
hot fix.
Source of Error
The entry '187.5_supp = 1' is
not present.
Vendor_Name: the number of
characters between the
quotation marks must not
exceed 32; special characters
are not allowed.
The decimal separator in the
transmission rate must be
entered as a period and not as
a comma.
Ensuring Availability
3.4 Software update
1. Contact the device
1. Create a backup copy of the file
and open it with a text editor
(such as WordPad)
2. Check Vendor_Name.
3. Make corrections to the name,
save the file and link it again.
1. Create a copy of the file.
2. Open the original file with a text
editor (such as WordPad). In
transmission rate, change
'187,5_supp = 1' to
'187.5_supp = 1').
3. Start HW Config, select menu
command Options Update
Remarks:If the entry '187.5_supp =
1' is not present, the transmission
rate is not supported. Contact the
device manufacturer.


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