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Connecting Directly To A Smartphone Or Similar Device; Sharing Recordings With Canon Image Gateway - Canon legria R48 Setup Manual


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• For details about this function, refer to Uploading Videos Using an
iOS Device in the camcorder's Instruction Manual (PDF file).
• The following types of MP4 scenes will be recognized as multiple files
on other devices.
- Scenes exceeding 4 GB
- Scenes recorded at 35 Mbps exceeding 30 minutes
- Scenes recorded at a video quality other than 35 Mbps exceeding
1 hour

Connecting Directly to a Smartphone or Similar Device

You can connect the camcorder directly to a smartphone or similar
device using a Wi-Fi connection. Use this connection method if the
camcorder's SSID and password appear on the screen after you select
a Wi-Fi function.
Operating modes:
1 Smartphone: Activate Wi-Fi in the settings screen.
The network names of detected access points will appear.
2 Smartphone: Touch the access point with the same SSID as that
of the one that appears on the camcorder's screen.
• The camcorder's screen will display a message indicating that the
connection has been established.
• This operation is necessary only the first time you establish the
3 Continue with the function you were previously using.

Sharing Recordings with CANON iMAGE GATEWAY

After you register for CANON iMAGE GATEWAY*, you will be able to
access various Web services**. You will be able to upload movies and
photos to online albums, share the albums on Twitter, upload movies to
Facebook and YouTube, send links to your online albums by e-mail to


Table of Contents

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