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Make sure to position the air cooler correctly before you set up and start using the product. Please refer
to the COOLER LOCATION section of the separate Safety & Maintenance Guide.
It is ideal to use the Continuous Water Supply Connection to run the unit for long periods of time without
refilling the tank. This also helps prevent pump failure in case the cooler is running with inadequate water
in the tank.
CAUTION:Unplug the unit from the electrical power outlet before filling or emptying the water tank.
Continuous Water Supply Connection:
For a continuous water supply, you will need a garden hose that is
connected to a main water supply.
Locate the male connector at one end of the garden hose. Insert the
garden hose connector into the water inlet valve of the cooler. Screw
and tighten the water inlet valve onto the threaded part of the garden
hose connector, making sure the hose connector is secured to
ensure there will be no leaks. If there is leakage, the hose and the
water inlet valve may not be connected properly. Try to disconnect,
replace and tighten the water inlet valve again.
When the connection is secured, turn ON the water supply and the
water will flow into the water tank of the cooler.
The cooler is now set so the water refills automatically when the
water tank is empty, or when the water reaches below a minimum
When the water tank is full, the water inlet valve will automatically
stop the water supply from overflowing.
Please open the water valve for minimum flow as too much pressure
could damage the inlet pressure control system.
WARNING: The maximum water inlet pressure is 0.5 MPa.
Manual Water Tank Refill:
Using a portable container or a garden hose, you can refill the water tank manually by pouring water
into the water tank through the water inlet hole located at the top of the air cooler.
Check the water level indicator to know when the water tank is full. Do not fill water above the "Max."
water level mark to avoid water droplets collecting on the louvers.
WARNING: Always ensure the water in the water tank is above the minimum (Min.) water level mark
for both Continuous & Manual Water Refill. Running the unit in Cool mode with inadequate water may
cause pump failure.
NOTE: The water capacity refers to the total volume of water that can be contained within the air
cooler water tank and water distribution system. The water capacity in the tank at the "Max." indicator
level may be lower than the actual water capacity of the air cooler.
If the cooler will not be used for a long period of time, please refer to the STORAGE & MAINTENANCE
GUIDELINES located in the separate Safety & Maintenance Guide.
Before cleaning the unit, switch the unit OFF and disconnect from the electrical socket.
Move the unit to a location where the water can be drained. Remove the cap from the Drain plug
located at the bottom of the unit. Allow the tank to empty.
Refill the water tank with clean water, up to the maximum level and drain it completely.
Use a damp cloth to remove the dirt and dust from the surface of the unit. Never use corrosive
elements or chemicals to clean this product.
When the product is not in use, store the unit in a dry place away from direct sunlight.
Water inlet valve
Garden Hose
Water Fill Door
Water Inlet Hole


Table of Contents

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