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High Accuracy Operation Unaffected By The Motor Temperature (online Auto Tuning) (pr. 95); Operation Method - Mitsubishi Electric FR-A700 Series Instruction Manual

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3.3.11 High accuracy operation unaffected by the motor temperature
(online auto tuning) (Pr. 95)
When online auto tuning is selected under advanced magnetic flux vector control, real sensorless vector control
or vector control, excellent torque accuracy is provided by temperature compensation even if the secondary
resistance value of the motor varies with the rise of the motor temperature.
Online auto tuning
(1) Start-time online auto tuning (setting is "1")
· By quickly tuning the motor constants at a start, high accuracy operation unaffacted by the motor temperature and
stable operation with high torque down to ultra low speed can be performed.
· Make sure advanced magnetic flux vector control (Pr.80, Pr.81 ) or real sensorless vector control (Pr.800 ) is selected.
(Refer to page 55.)
· Before performing online auto tuning, perform offline auto tuning without fail.
<Operation method>
1) Check that "3" or "103" (offline auto tuning completion) is set in Pr. 96 Auto tuning setting/status.
2) Set "1" (start-time online auto tuning) in Pr. 95 Online auto tuning selection.
Online auto tuning is performed from the next starting.
3) When performing PU operation, press
For external operation, turn on the run command (STF signal or STR signal).
· For using start-time online auto tuning in vertical lift applications, examine the utilization of a brake sequence for the brake
opening timing at a start. Though the tuning ends in about a maximum of 500ms after a start, torque is not provided fully during
that period. Therefore, note that there may be a possibility of drop due to gravity.
(2) Magnetic flux observer (normal tuning) (setting value is "2")
· When exercising vector control using a motor with encoder, it is effective for torque accuracy improvement.
The current flowing in the motor and the inverter output voltage are used to estimate/observe the magnetic flux in
the motor.
The magnetic flux of the motor is always detected with high accuracy so that an excellent characteristic is provided
regardless of the change in the temperature of the secondary resistance.
· Vector control (Pr.80, Pr.81, Pr.800) should be selected. (Refer to page 58.)
· For the SF-V5RU, SF-JR (with encoder), SF-HR (with encoder), SF-JRCA (with encoder) or SF-HRCA (with encoder), it is not
necessary to perform offline auto tuning to select adaptive magnetic flux observer.(Note that it is necessary to perform offline
auto tuning (non-rotation mode) for the wiring length resistance to be reflected on the control when the wiring length is long
(30m or longer as reference).
· Online auto tuning does not operate if the MRS signal is input, if the preset speed is less than the Pr. 13 Starting frequency, or if
the starting conditions of the inverter are not satisfied, e.g. inverter error.
· Online auto tuning does not operate during deceleration or at a restart during DC brake operation.
· Invalid for jog operation.
· Automatic restart after instantaneous power failure overrides when automatic restart after instantaneous power failure is selected.
(Start-time online auto tuning is not performed at frequency search.)
Perform online auto tuning at a stop with the X28 signal when using automatic restart after instantaneous power failure together.
(Refer to
Instruction Manual (applied) for details.)
· Zero current detection and output current detection are valid during online auto tuning.
· The RUN signal is not output during online auto tuning. The RUN signal turns on at a start.
· If the period from an inverter stop to a restart is within 4s, start-time tuning is performed but the tuning results are not reflected.
Magnetic flux
Magnetic flux
Magnetic flux
Setting Range
of the operation panel.
Before operation
Online auto tuning is not performed
Start-time online auto tuning
Magnetic flux observer (normal tuning)


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