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Panasonic PV-SD4090 Operating Instructions Manual page 18

Panasonic digital camera operating instructions pv-sd4090
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Inserting the SuperDisk
• Do not bend, drop, apply high pressure
or subject the Disk Media to strong
• Do not store it in places with high
temperature, high humidity, a lot of dust,
or static electricity and strong
electromagnetic waves.
• Keep the Disk Media's contacts free from
dust, water or other foreign substances.
Do not touch them with your fingers, etc.
• Do not disassemble or deform the Disk
• Be sure to make a backup copy of
important data.
• Make sure that you do not insert the
Disk Media in the wrong direction.
• The ACCESS LED lamp will flash when the Digital Camera is accessing the Disk Media.
Please never expose this unit to large vibrations or impacts while ACCESS LED lamp is
flashing. And, do not turn off the Power, take out a Disk Media, or remove the battery when
ACCESS LED lamp is flashing.
For additional information regarding Imation SuperDisk products,
please call 1-888-466-3456.
Diskette or Floppy Disk
• Do not, under any circumstances, eject
the Disk Media immediately after
pressing the SHUTTER Button (during
recording of an image) or while deleting
(when "PLEASE WAIT" is displayed).
This could damage the format of the Disk
Media and make them unusable.
• When the Disk Media does not eject after
pressing the EJECT Button, push the
Disk Media fully into the slot again and
then press the EJECT Button firmly.
• "NO DISK" will appear on the LCD
Viewfinder when the Disk Media is not
• "DISK ERROR" will appear on the LCD
Viewfinder if the Disk Media is defective.
For assistance, call 1-800-272-7033.
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