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Panasonic PV-SD4090 Operating Instructions Manual page 14

Panasonic digital camera operating instructions pv-sd4090
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Power Supply
Loading the Lithium Battery
Bottom View
WARNING! Do not dispose of in fire, put in backwards, disassemble, or short circuit;
otherwise battery may leak or burst, causing possible personal injury.
Battery Notes
• Charge only with specified charger.
• The Battery can be charged within a
temperature range of 32° F (0° C) and 104° F
(40° C).
• The Battery may be warm after charging or
just after use. This is normal.
• Do not use an insufficiently charged or worn
out Battery.
• In extreme cold surroundings, Battery
charging time will increase.
Safety precautions:
• Do not get the Battery near, or dispose of in
• Do not directly connect (short circuit) the
positive (+) and negative (–) terminals.
• Never attempt to disassemble or reassemble
the Battery.
To avoid damage to the Battery:
• Do not drop or jar the Battery.
• Use the Battery with specified models only.
• If the Battery is used in extremely high
temperatures, a safety device will
automatically prevent operation.
Slide the Battery Compartment lid in
the direction of the arrow and swing it
While sliding Latch, insert the Lithium
Ion Battery until it locks into place.
• Be sure to use a Lithium Ion Battery.
Be sure that the direction of the arrow
on the battery is facing down when
inserting it into the camera.
Swing the Battery Compartment lid
down and slide it shut.
To insure longer battery life:
• While not in use, remove Battery from the
Digital Camera and AC Adaptor and store
in a cool, dark, dry place. If you leave the
Battery in the Digital Camera or on the AC
Adaptor for a long time, the Battery will no
longer be rechargeable.
• Keep the Battery terminals clean.
Operation Time
When using the supplied Panasonic Lithium Ion
Batteries, you will have a maximum of about 200
images (at an ambient temperature of 25 ° C).
• Capturing an image every 30 seconds.
• Using Flash once for every other capture.
• Recording mode is Fine.
Replace with Panasonic PV-DBP5 or CGR-B/
202A1B only. Use of another battery may present
a risk of fire or explosion. Caution-battery may
explode if mistreated.
Do not recharge, disassemble or dispose of in fire.
Keep battery out of reach of children.
Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly
inserted. Dispose of used battery promptly.
For assistance, call 1-800-272-7033.
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