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Siemens HP243521M Instruction Manual

Free standing cooker.
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[en] Instruction manual
Free standing cooker


   Summary of Contents for Siemens HP243521M

  • Page 1 [en] Instruction manual HP243521M Free standing cooker...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Making settings on the hob ............. 13 Additional information on products, accessories, replacement Lighting the gas burner ..............13 parts and services can be found at Table - Cooking ................13 and in the online shop : Important safety information Read these instructions carefully.
  • Page 4 Caution:The use of a gas cooking or switch off the fuse in the fuse box. Shut appliance results in the production of heat, off the gas supply. moisture and products of combustion in the Hot oil and fat can ignite very quickly. Risk o f fire! ■...
  • Page 5 Accessories and ovenware become very appliance. Unplug the appliance from the ■ hot. Always use oven gloves to remove mains or switch off the circuit breaker in accessories or ovenware from the cooking the fuse box. Shut off the gas supply. compartment.
  • Page 6: Causes Of Damage

    Causes of damage steam. The temperature change can cause damage to the enamel. Caution! Moist food: do not store moist food in the cooking ■ Only use the burners when cookware has been placed on ■ compartment when it is closed for prolonged periods This will top.
  • Page 7: Moving The Appliance By The Gas Line Or Door Handle

    Moving the appliance by the gas line or door Setting up the appliance handle Do not move the appliance while holding the gas line; the gas pipe could be damaged. There is a risk of a gas leak! Do not move the appliance while holding it by the door handle.
  • Page 8: Your New Cooker

    Your new cooker General information Here you will learn about your new cooker. We will explain the control panel, the hob and the individual operating controls. The design depends on the respective appliance model. You will find information on the cooking compartment and the accessories.
  • Page 9: Cooking Area

    Cooking area Ignition button This button activates the electronic ignition system. Here is an overview of the control panel. The design depends on the respective appliance model. When you press the button, all igniters ignite at the same time. Oven Function selector If you turn the function selector anti-clockwise, the oven is heated;...
  • Page 10: Oven Door - Additional Safety Precautions

    Oven door - Additional safety precautions If you have small children, extra supervision is required during oven operation. During long cooking times, the oven door may become very In addition, there is a protective device (protective grid) which hot. prevents direct contact with the oven door. You can purchase this optional accessory (469088) from the after-sales service.
  • Page 11: After-sales Service Products

    Optional accessories HZ number Function Pizza tray HZ317000 Particularly good for pizza, frozen meals and round tarts. You can use the pizza tray instead of the universal pan. Slide the tray in above the wire rack and proceed according to the instructions in the tables.
  • Page 12: Before Using The Oven For The First Time

    Before using the oven for the first time Setting procedure for the gas grill in the oven In this section, you can find out what you must do before using your oven or gas hob to prepare food for the first time. First Open the top cover.
  • Page 13: Advance Cleaning Of Burner Cup And Cap

    Advance cleaning of burner cup and cap Clean the burner cap (1) and cup (2) with water and washing- up liquid. Dry the individual parts carefully. Place the burner cup and cap back on the burner shell (5). Ensure that the igniter (3) and flame safety pin (4) are not damaged.
  • Page 14: Setting The Oven

    Setting the oven Here you can find out how to set the oven. Insert the protective plate into the groove under the control panel. This is how you adjust the lower gas burner in The protective plate is inserted with the longer edge at the the oven front and the curvature pointing downwards.
  • Page 15: Setting The Timer

    Setting the timer You can use the timer as a kitchen timer. It runs independently A signal sounds. Press the Clock button. The timer display of the oven. The timer has a special signal. This means that you goes out. can tell whether the timer or cooking time has expired.
  • Page 16: Detaching And Refitting The Rails

    Do not clean in the dishwasher. Remove the wire rack and clean with a sponge, washing-up liquid and Burners and steel some hot water. Remove the burner cup and cap. Clean with a sponge and some hot water and washing-up grid of the gas burn- liquid.
  • Page 17: Removing And Refitting The Door Panels

    Removing and refitting the door panels The glass panels can be removed from the oven door to allow more thorough cleaning. Removal Removing the oven door See the section Removing the oven door. Lay the oven door on a cloth with the handle facing downwards.
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Replacing the bulb in the oven ceiling light Malfunctions often have simple explanations. Refer to the table before calling the after-sales service as you may be able to If the bulb in the oven light fails, it must be replaced. Heat- remedy the fault yourself.
  • Page 19: Energy And Environment Tips

    Energy and environment tips Saving energy with the gas hob Here you can find tips on how to save energy when baking and roasting in the oven and when cooking on the hob, and how to Always use a saucepan which is the correct size for your dispose of your appliance properly.
  • Page 20: Baking Tips

    Cake in a mould Accessories Level Temperature in Cooking time °C in minutes (lower gas burner on the oven) Cakes Round springform cake tin with tube 60-80 sheet, deep Cakes Round springform cake tin with tube 60-80 sheet, wide Sponge cake Springform cake tin (dia.
  • Page 21: Meat, Poultry, Fish, Toast

    Meat, poultry, fish, toast Turn the pieces of meat after of the cooking time. Always place items in the centre of the wire rack. Table - cooking - gas grill If you are grilling directly on the wire rack, you should insert the The values in the table apply to dishes placed in a cold oven.
  • Page 24 Siemens-Electrogeräte GmbH Carl-Wery-Straße 34 81739 München Germany *9000804763* 9000804763 01 130692...

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