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Operating Modes; Starting Operation - Bosch GHO 40-82 C Original Instructions Manual

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– Use dust extraction whenever possible.
– Provide for good ventilation of the working
– It is recommended to wear a P2 filter-class
Observe the relevant regulations in your coun-
try for the materials to be worked.
Clean the chip ejector 2 regularly. Use a suitable
tool (e.g., a piece of wood, compressed air, etc.)
to clean a clogged chip ejector.
Do not reach into the saw dust ejector with
your hands. They could be injured by rotating
To ensure optimum extraction of dust/chips, al-
ways work with external dust extraction or a
chip/dust bag.
External Dust Extraction (see figure C)
An extraction hose ( Ø 35 mm) 18 (accessory),
can be attached on either side of the chip ejec-
Connect the vacuum hose 18 to a vacuum cleaner
(accessory). An overview for connecting to vari-
ous vacuum cleaners can be found at the end of
this manual.
The vacuum cleaner must be suitable for the ma-
terial being worked.
When vacuuming dry dust that is especially detri-
mental to health or carcinogenic, use a special
vacuum cleaner.
Integrated Dust Extraction (see figure C)
A chip/dust bag (accessory) 19 can be used for
smaller jobs. Insert the sleeve of the chip/dust
bag firmly into the chip ejector 2. Empty the
chip/dust bag 19 at regulary intervals to maintain
optimum dust collection.
Choice of Chip Ejector Side
With the selector lever 9, the chip ejector 2 can
be switched to right or left. Always press the se-
lector lever 9 until it engages in the end position.
The selected ejection direction is indicated by an
arrow symbol on the selector lever 9.
Bosch Power Tools

Operating Modes

Adjusting the Planing Depth
With the adjustment knob 1, the planing depth
can be adjusted variably from 0–4.0 mm using
the planing depth scale 4
(scale graduation = 0.1 mm).
Park Rest (see figure G)
The park rest 28 allows the machine to be set
down directly after operation, without danger of
damaging the working surface or the planer
blade. While planing, the park rest 28 is tilted up-
wards thus enabling full contact of the rear part
of the planer base plate 10.

Starting Operation

Observe correct mains voltage! The voltage
of the power source must agree with the
voltage specified on the nameplate of the
machine. Power tools marked with 230 V can
also be operated with 220 V.
Switching On and Off
To start the machine, first push the lock-off but-
ton for the On/Off switch 5 and then press the
On/Off switch 6 and keep it pressed.
To switch off the machine, release the On/Off
switch 6.
Note: For safety reasons, the On/Off switch 6
cannot be locked; it must remain pressed during
the entire operation.
Constant Electronic Control
Constant electronic control holds the speed con-
stant at no-load and under load, and ensures uni-
form working performance.
Soft Starting
The electronic soft-starting feature limits the
torque when switching on and increases the
working life of the motor and drive belt.
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