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Troubleshooting - Bosch ART 23-10 Original Instructions Manual

23cm cutting diameter
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Battery Charging
 Do not use other battery chargers. The supplied battery
charger is designed for the Lithium-Ion battery in your gar-
den product.
 Observe the mains voltage! The voltage of the power
supply must correspond with the data given on the name-
plate of the battery charger. Battery chargers marked with
230 V can also be operated with 220 V.
The battery is equipped with temperature monitoring that al-
lows charging only in the temperature range between 0 °C
and 45 °C. In this manner, a high battery service life is
Note: The battery supplied is partially charged. To ensure full
capacity of the battery, completely charge the battery in the
battery charger before using your power tool for the first time.
The lithium-ion battery can be charged at any time without re-
ducing its service life. Interrupting the charging procedure
does not damage the battery.
The "Electronic Cell Protection (ECP)" protects the lithium-
ion battery against deep discharging. When the battery is run
down or discharged, the garden product is shut off by means
of a protective circuit: The blade no longer moves.
Do not continue to press the On/Off
switch after the garden product has
been automatically switched off. The battery can be dam-
Battery charge-control indication
The battery charge-control indicator on the handle of the
product will indicate a low charge condition of the battery by
flashing three times when the On/Off switch is pressed. If this
occurs, please remove the battery and recharge.
Charging Procedure
The charging procedure starts as soon as the mains plug is
plugged into the socket and the battery is then inserted into
the battery charger.


Blade guard can not be mounted over
cutting disc
Trimmer fails to operate
Trimmer runs intermittently
Garden product labours
Bosch Power Tools
Due to the intelligent charging method, the charging condi-
tion of the battery is automatically detected and the battery is
charged with the optimum charging current, depending on
battery temperature and voltage.
This gives longer life to the battery and always leaves it fully
charged when kept in the charger for storage.
Note: The charging procedure is only possible when the bat-
tery temperature is within the allowable charging tempera-
ture range, see section "Technical Data".
Flashing Battery Charge Indicator
Continuous Lighting of the Battery Charge
in the allowable charging temperature range, and cannot be
charged for this reason. The battery is charged as soon as the
allowable charging temperature range is reached.
When the battery is not inserted, continuous lighting of the
battery charge indicator indicates that the mains plug is in-
serted in the socket and that the battery charger is ready for
Charging Advice
With continuous or several repetitive charging cycles without
interruption, the charger can warm up. This is not meaningful
and does not indicate a technical defect of the battery charg-
A significantly reduced working period after charging indi-
cates that the battery is used and must be replaced.
Possible Cause
Incorrect assembly
Battery discharged
Battery too hot/cold
Internal wiring of machine damaged
On/Off switch defective
Grass too high
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The charging procedure is signalled by a
flashing battery charge indicator.
Continuous lighting of the battery
charge indicator indicates that the
battery is fully charged or that the
temperature of the battery is not with-
Corrective Action
Remove cutting disc and mount blade
guard again
Recharge battery; also see "Battery
Allow to cool/warm
Contact Service Agent
Contact Service Agent
Cut in stages
F 016 L81 125 | (23.3.16)


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