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Protection Systems; Emission Information; Fuel Requirements; Battery Requirements - Honeywell 8 kW Owner's Manual

60 hz air-cooled generators 8 kw to 22 kw.
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Protection Systems

The generator may have to run for long periods of time
with no operator present to monitor the engine/generator
conditions. Therefore, the generator is equipped with a
number of systems to automatically shut down the unit to
protect it against potentially damaging conditions. Some
of these systems are as follows:
High Temperature
Low Oil Pressure
Charger Warning
Charger Missing AC
Low Battery
Battery Problem
The control panel contains a display which alerts the
operator when a fault condition occurs. The above list is
not all inclusive. For more information about alarms and
control panel operation, see Section 3 Operation.
NOTE: A warning will indicate a condition, on the
generator, that should be addressed but not shut the
generator down. An alarm will shut the generator down to
protect the system from any damage. In the event of an
alarm, an owner can clear the alarm and restart the
generator prior to contacting an Independent Authorized
Service Dealer. If the intermittent issue occurs again,
contact an Independent Authorized Service Dealer.

Emission Information

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
requires that this generator comply with exhaust
emission standards. This generator is certified to meet
the applicable EPA emission levels, and is certified for
use as a stationary engine for standby power generation.
Any other use may be a violation of federal and/or local
laws. To ensure that the engine complies with the
applicable emission standards for the duration of the
engine's life, it is important to follow the maintenance
specifications in the Section 4 Maintenance. This
generator is certified to operate on Liquid Propane Vapor
fuel or pipeline Natural Gas.
The Emission Control System code is EM (Engine
Modification). The Emission Control System on this
generator consists of the following:
Owner's Manual for 60 Hz Air-cooled Generators
RPM Sensor Loss
Controller Fault
Wiring Error
Fuse Problem
Stepper Overcurrent
Exercise Set Error
USB Warning
Download Failure
Section 2: General Information
- Intake Manifold
Air Induction
- Air Cleaner
- Carburetor and Mixer Assembly
Fuel Metering
- Fuel Regulator
- Spark Plug
- Ignition Module
- Exhaust Manifold
- Muffler

Fuel Requirements

Explosion and Fire. Fuel and vapors are
extremely flammable and explosive. Add fuel
in a well ventilated area. Keep fire and spark
away. Failure to do so will result in death
or serious injury.
The engine has been fitted with a dual fuel carburetion
system. The unit will run on natural gas or LP gas
(vapor), but it has been factory set to run on natural gas.
The fuel system will be configured for the available fuel
source during installation.
Recommended fuels should have a BTU content of at
least 1000 Btus per cubic foot (37.26 megajoules per
cubic meter) for natural gas, or at least 2500 BTUs per
cubic foot (93.15 megajoules per cubic meter) for LP gas
NOTE: If converting to LP gas from natural gas, a
minimum LP tank size of 250 gallons (946 liters) is
recommended. See the Installation Manual for complete
procedures and details.

Battery Requirements

Group 26R, 12V, minimum 540 CCA.
For proper battery maintenance procedures, see Section
4 Maintenance.

Battery Charger

The battery charger is integrated into the control panel
module in all models. It operates as a Smart Charger
which ensures output charging levels are safe and
continuously optimized to promote maximum battery life.

Engine Oil Requirements

For proper oil viscosity, see chart in



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