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Frost protection

■ Reduce the brightness of the display
and the illumination in the menu to save
■ If possible, do not interrupt the dispensing
of coffee or milk froth Stopping a process
prematurely results in higher energy
consumption and the drip tray fills up
more quickly
■ Descale the appliance regularly to avoid a
build-up of limescale Limescale residues
cause higher energy consumption
Frost protection
To prevent frost damage during trans-
port and storage, completely empty the
appliance beforehand (see the section
"Menu – Frost protection")
Storing accessories
The fully automatic coffee machine has a
special accessory drawer for storing the
Quick reference guide and the accessories
in the appliance
■ Put the measuring spoon and the water
filter into the accessory drawer.
■ Put the Quick Reference Guide into
the special support at the front of the
accessory drawer
■ The long suction pipe can be stored in the
holder on the inside of the door
■ The connecting element can be fixed to
the magnetic holder above the ground
coffee drawer
The following accessories are available
from retailers or from customer service:
Cleaning tablets
Descaling tablets
Water filter
Care set
Milk container with
"freshLock" lid
Restrictors for
opening angle 92°
Dispose of packaging in an environ-
mentally-friendly manner This
appliance is labelled in accordance
with European Directive 2012/19/EU
concerning used electrical and
electronic appliances (waste electrical
and electronic equipment – WEEE)
The guideline determines the frame-
work for the return and recycling
of used appliances as applicable
throughout the EU Please ask your
specialist retailer about current
disposal facilities
The guarantee conditions for this appliance
are as defi ned by our representative in the
country in which it is sold Details regarding
these conditions can be obtained from
the dealer from whom the appliance was
purchased The bill of sale or receipt must
be produced when making any claim under
the terms of this guarantee
Changes reserved
Order number
Retail /
Customer service
TZ80001 / 00311807
TZ80002 / 00576693
TZ70003 / 00575491
TZ80004 / 00576330
TZ80009N / 00576166


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