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■ Touch [ Continue ] to make other settings
For milk drinks, the mixing ratio of
coffee and milk can be set
■ The settings can be stored under an
individual name Touch [ Save name ].
The mask for entering the name opens
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ´ _ < A B C D E F G H I J K
A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
■ Using the rotary selector, select a letter or
a symbol in the upper row
■ Touch g to confirm the letter selected or
K to delete it
■ Select other letters or symbols and
■ Touch [ Cancel ] to exit the entry without
any modification and open the drinks
■ With [ Save ] the entry is adopted The
selection menu opens
■ Press B to exit the menu
Select a personalised drink and
■ Press B
The selection of memory locations opens
■ Use the rotary selector to select the
desired memory location
■ Place a cup or glass underneath the
beverage outlet
■ Press C to start dispensing

Two cups at once

Press G to prepare two cups of the
selected drink simultaneously The setting is
shown by a second cup symbol and as text,
eg "2 x Espresso"
■ Use the rotary selector to select the
desired drink
■ Press G
■ Place two cups left and right underneath
the beverage outlet
■ Press C to start dispensing
The selected drink is prepared and then
dispensed into both cups
Adjusting the grind setting
This fully automatic coffee machine has an
adjustable grinding unit This enables the
grinding level of the coffee to be individually
■ Open the appliance door
■ Slide the regulator to select the grinding
degree setting between finely ground
coffee V and coarsely ground coffee W
■ Close the appliance door again
Two cups at once
The drink is prepared in two stages
(two grinding operations)
Please wait until the process is
completely finished
Two cups at once cannot be
dispensed for the settings
"aromaDouble Shot" or "ground
For dark roast coffee beans, choose
a finer grind, for lighter beans a
coarser grind
Tip: Only make small changes to the
grinding degree setting
The new setting will not become
apparent until after the second cup
of coffee
If the display shows the message
"Select a coarser degree of
grinding", this means that the
beans are being ground too finely
Adjust the grinding level to a coarser


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