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Power Disconnect Switch; Inverter - Viking VCSB542 Service Manual

Built-in side-by-side refrigerator/freezer.
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Service Diagnostics and Procedures–Disassembly
To avoid risk of electrical shock, personal injury, or death, disconnect electrical power to unit using power
switch before servicing. Wires removed during disassembly must be replaced on proper terminals to insure
correct earth ground and polarization. After servicing, reconnect power using power switch.

Power Disconnect Switch

The unit has a rocker switch, located in the upper
right corner of the unit, that allows power to the
unit to be turned "OFF" without removal of the unit.
1. To access the power disconnect switch, remove
the upper air grill assembly (see Air Grill Removal
section). The power disconnect is now accessible
on the right side.
Power Disconnect
Verify contacts 4-5 open when the switch is in
the "0" position and contacts 4-5 close when in
the "|" position. 120 VAC should be measured
when in the "0" position and 0 VAC should be
measured when in the "|" position.
2. Reverse procedure to reinstall.


The Compressor is operated by a Inverter that
varies the voltage to the compressor. This is
determined by the frequency input from the low
voltage board
1. To access the inverter, remove upper air grill
assembly, remove control panel assembly (see
Air Grill and Control Panel Removal sections).
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2. Remove the control box in order to gain easy
access to the door hinge area for service. There
are 4-¼" hex screws (2 on each side) holding
the control box to the refrigerator housing.
Remove these screws.
3. Unplug the 15-pin Molex power plug (A), as
well as the 2-wire converter frequency cable (B)
and the 3-wire thermistor plug (C).


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