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Black & Decker 2037-220 Instruction Manual page 8


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Depth Sensitive Drywall Units
1. Install drywall bit in bit holder.
2. Adjust depth locator.
3. Check for correct rotation, start tool and place drywall screw on bit.
4. Contact drywall applying forward pressure to drive screw until depth locator
contacts work surface. Screwdriver will ratchet automatically.
(These units will accept all commercially available drywall screws)
Versa Clutch Units
1. Install proper fastener accessory and set screwdriver for correct rotation.
2. Adjust clutch setting.
3. Place fastener in accessory, contact work piece and apply pressure to seat
fastener, keeping clutches engaged.
4. Upon fastener seating, the clutches will ratchet. Disengage screwdriver
from fastener.
NOTE: With versa clutch, the operator has the ability to "override" clutch
ratchet if a fastener hits a wood knot, variable hardness in steel work pieces
5/16" -18 SCREW
Figure 8
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Figure 9
or incorrect pilot holes. Increased operator pressure will usually cause the
clutches to pick-up and continue to seat the fastener. Further, a quick twist of
the collar will change the clutch setting to overcome most driving difficulties
and will provide for immediate change in torque output giving the operator
the option to drive a range of fastener sizes.
Changing Clutches
1. Remove clutch housing by unscrewing (left hand thread).
2. Clamp tool or clutch housing in a resilient clamp.
3. Remove round clutch retaining rings with a very small screwdriver
(See Figure 8).
4. Install new clutches and new retaining rings.
NOTE: If the output spindle slides toward inside of gear case, remove dead
spindle spring and thread a 5/16"-18 bolt or cap screw into end of spindle and
lift up to expose retaining ring groove. Reassemble dead spindle spring allow-
ing no more than 1/4" projecting from end of spindle.
5. Relubricate clutches (See Lubrication).
With the motor running, blow dirt and dust out of all air vents with dry air at
least once a week. Wear safety glasses when performing this. Exterior plastic
parts may be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Although these
parts are highly solvent resistant, NEVER use solvents. Drywall Scruguns:
Depth locator and adjustment collar should be removed, and drywall dust
blown out of clutch housing area at least once a week.



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