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Black & Decker 2037-220 Instruction Manual page 7


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5. Pull nutsetter straight out with pliers if it is difficult to remove.
6. Assemble nutsetter as shown in Figure 5.
7. Reassemble adjustment collar by snapping over ring. NOTE: Align ribs on
inside of depth locator with grooves in clutch housing.
Depth Adjustment
Depth Sensitive Units for Drill Point Screws
1. For washer head screws: rotate adjustment collar until end of nutsetter is
flush with end of locator.
2. For large washer head and sealer screws: adjust as above until nutsetter is
recessed approximately 1/16" into the locator.
3. Test drive a fastener in scrap material to determine if seating is correct.
4. Readjust if necessary.
Depth sensitive units have very fine depth settings, each "click" is .007" (0ne
revolution of the locator collar equals .083" change in depth setting).
Versa Clutch Units (
External adjustment of all versa clutch units for a wide range of fastener sizes
is fast and easy as follows: (See Figure 6)
1. Rotate collar in increase direction (stamped on adjustment collar) to
increase the amount of clutch engagement and torque output.
2. Maximum rotation of the collar in the increase direction results in full
clutch engagement and maximum torque output and fastener capacity. Any
decrease from maximum results in the thrust bearing contacting the bear-
ing stop and limits the clutch engagement, decreasing torque output. Collar
and adjustable stop will not screw off clutch housing.
3. Test drive a fastener into a scrap piece to check proper fastener seating. It
is normal after a period of use to require a slightly different collar setting
due to wear on the clutch faces.
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Figure 5
Positive Clutch Units
1. Install proper bit and set screwdriver for correct rotation.
2. Place fastener on bit and contact work.
3. Apply steady pressure on screwdriver to keep clutches engaged and bit in
4. Upon fastener seating, clutches will ratchet. Disengage bit from fastener.
Depth Sensitive Units (
1. Install proper size nutsetter, socket, bit or driving accessory and proper
2. Adjust depth locator.
3. Check for correct rotation, start screwdriver and place fastener in nutsetter,
4. Contact work piece, applying pressure to keep drilling screws cutting. Upon
contact with fastener.
inside diameter locator to prevent fastener wobble.
socket, or bit.
fastener seating, depth locator will contact work piece causing screwdriver
to automatically ratchet, disengaging the driving accessory from fastener.
Figure 6



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