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Black & Decker 2037-220 Instruction Manual page 5


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To start tool, depress the trigger switch, shown in Figure 1. To stop tool,
release the switch. The variable speed trigger switch permits speed control.
The farther the trigger switch is depressed, the higher the speed of the tool.
To lock the switch in the on position for continuous operation, depress the
trigger switch and push up the locking button. The tool will continue to run. To
turn the tool off, from a locked on condition, squeeze and release the trigger
once. Before using the tool (each time), be sure that the locking button release
mechanism is working freely. Be sure to release the locking mechanism before
disconnecting the plug from the power supply. Failure to do so will cause the
tool to start immediately the next time it is plugged in. Damage or injury could
result.The reversing lever is used to reverse the tool for backing out screws.
It is located above the trigger, shown in Figure 1. To reverse the screwdriver,
turn it off and push the reversing lever to the left (when viewed from the loca-
tor). To position the lever for forward operation, turn the tool off and push the
lever to the right.
Dead Spindle Action
All B&D screwdrivers provide a dead front spindle to permit fasteners to be
located in the driving accessory. Clutches are held apart by light spring pres-
sure permitting the driving clutch to rotate without turning the driven clutch
and accessory. When sufficient forward pressure is applied to the unit, the
clutches engage and rotate the spindle and accessories. A reversing switch
makes it possible to drive or loosen either right or left hand screws.
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Accessory Assembly
The 1/4" hex drive ball lock chuck is used on all depth sensitive and drywall
screwdrivers. Assemble accessories by engaging the hex spindle and tapping
lightly on the accessory until it snaps in place. Usually pliers are required to
remove the accessory by pulling forward. The 1/4" hex drive quick change
chuck (Figure 2), is used on all versa clutch units. A ball retainer provides pos-
itive locking of all accessories in the chuck. Push forward on the ball retainer
and hold while inserting or removing accessories. Release for positive acces-
sory retention.
Depth Sensitive Units (2059-220)
To Change Bit Holders:
1. Pull forward on adjustment collar and remove from clutch housing.
2. Pull bit holder straight out with pliers if it is difficult to remove.
3. Push new bit holder into spindle until ball lock snaps in groove in bit holder
4. Replace adjustment collar by snapping over retaining ring.
Figure 1
1/4" HEX
Figure 2



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