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Preface - Kärcher Puzzi 30/4 Service Manual

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Good service work requires extensive and practice-orient-
ed training as well as well-structured training materials.
Hence we offer regular basic and advanced training pro-
grammes covering the entire product range for all service
In addition to this, we also prepare service manuals for im-
portant appliances - these can be initially used as instruc-
tion guides and later on as reference guides.
Apart from this, we also regular information about product
enhancements and their servicing.
If you should require supplements, have corrections or
questions regarding this document, please address these
citing the following subject to:
Case 117515
The responsible product specialist will take care of your is-
Copying and duplication of texts and diagrams as well
as third-party access to this information is permitted
only with the explicit permission of the company:
Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG
P O Box 160
D -71349 Winnenden
English 5.905-007.0 Rev. 00 (06/14)



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