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Ah Service Group Electrics; 010 Safety Information; 020 Overview; 030 Function - Kärcher Puzzi 30/4 Service Manual

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AH service group electrics

010 Safety information

First pull out the plug from the mains before carrying out
any tasks on the machine.
Risk of damage by electrostatic discharge (ESD)! Take
suitable measures for discharging electrostatic charge pri-
or to performing work on the appliance electronics.

020 Overview

The illustration serves as an overview over the electrical
components of the Puzzi 30/4 C only! Always access the
latest circuit diagram in DISIS for work on the appliance.

030 Function

The appliance electronics controls all appliance functions.
The rotary switch is connected to the appliance electron-
The rotary switch is the main switch at the same time.
English 5.905-007.0 Rev. 00 (06/14)



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