Before First Use; Troubleshooting - Black & Decker DUSTBUSTER DUO FV7201 Quick Start Manual

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Fitting the tubes and the floor
head (fig. C)
Fit the connector (4) on to the
nose of the appliance.
Fit the upper (5) and lower (6)
tubes together and attach the
floor head (7) to one end of
the tube.
Attach the other end of the
tube to the connector on the
nose of the appliance.
Alternatively, to use as a
hand-held cleaner with brush
on stairs and furniture, attach
the floor head directly on to
the connector.


Before first use, the battery
must be charged for at least
16 hours.
Before charging, preferably
discharge the battery by
operating the appliance until
the motor stops.
Charge the battery as
described below.
Charging the battery (fig. D)
Make sure that the appliance
is switched off. The battery
will not be charged with the
on/off switch in the on
Place the appliance on the
charging base as shown.
Plug in the charger (11).
Switch on at the mains.
Leave the appliance to
charge for at least 16 hours.
Whilst charging, the charger may
become warm. This is normal and
does not indicate a problem. The
appliance can be left connected
to the charger indefinitely.
When the battery is fully charged,
the power consumption of the
charger is negligible.
Important! Place the appliance on
the charging base whenever it is
not in use. After fully charging
the battery, the average effective
usage time is approx. 7 to 10
minutes (depending on the type
of use). It may take several
charging cycles before the
battery attains full capacity.
Do not charge the battery at
ambient temperatures
below 4 °C or above 40 °C.
Operating the appliance (fig. E)
To switch on, slide the on/off
switch (1) forward.
To switch off, slide the on/off
switch back.
Activating the brush (fig. F)
Use the switches (8) on the floor
head (7) to lower or raise the
bristles on the brush.
Lower the bristles for cleaning
carpets or rugs.
Raise the bristles for cleaning
hard floors, such as wood,
tile or marble.
Accessories (fig. G)
This appliance is supplied with
the following accessories:
A hard brush (15) for furniture
and stairs.
A crevice tool (16) for
confined spaces.
These are for use with the hand-
held cleaner only.
To fit an accessory, proceed as
follows (fig. H):
Take the accessories from the
Insert the appropriate accessory
into the front of the appliance.


If the product does not work,
follow the instructions below.



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